Saturday, January 29, 2005

Grocery shopping with an attitude

I just got back from Safeway, and finished putting away the weekly provisions. Sometimes the "TANK" is not a bad vehicle to own when one goes grocery shopping. If you put down the bench seat in the back, it becomes this huge bed and you can toss all your grocery bags on it. If ya feel the need to warm your frozen food, you can turn on the bed heater. Handy dandy thing to have.

I don't know about anyone else, but shouldn't a grown person ..unlike myself.. have a quarter in her purse at any given time? Oh noooo, not moi. Ya see, I needed me a cart to slop all of those groceries in, and I didn't have a quarter for the cart. I had a dime, 1 nickel, and three pennies in my wallet! What now? The only thing other than going home and rooting through old jacket pockets, was to humiliate myself, and go to customer service and ask if I could "borrow" a quarter if I promised to pay them back when I was finished. Which I did. You could see by the clerks face that she had heard this deceptive plot to bilk Safeway out of quarter before! I was standing there mumbling..."well, its this way, I always either use a credit card or my debit card and I don't have any cash" voice fading, eyes tearing up.. By this time I have 159 irrate people behind me...going AHEM...some shouting.."give her a damn quarter".... my head was spinning and I could think of was "they all think I am poor". At some point the clerk calmed down the crowd and shoved a quarter over the counter at me, and said "don't spend it all in one place dearie". Nah, actually she was pretty nice about it and when I left I forgot to give her the quarter back! So, I guess I will have a quarter in my pocket the next time I go shopping.

I am evil.


Mary Lou said...

You mean they CHARGE you to use their cart to buy your groceries from THEM? what a rip off!!! I think I would find a different store! They oughta pay YOU for shopping there!!!

Joan said...

Yup, all the bigger chains charge for shopping carts, you get the money back if you bring the cart back. There is a little slot on the cart where you put your quarter in. Their thinking was that so many carts go missing, so this is supposed to be deterent. One chain "Super Store" or we call it "Stupid Store"charges at 1.00, but like the other one you get it back if you return the cart. Wierd huh?