Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year!

Well, the good news is our Bronco is still in one piece, mind you it looks mighty truckered out, after Gord spent all day yestereday riding the crap out of him in the storm. We put him in the garage and fed him some oats and water...he should be good to go again tomorrow:)

The evening was pretty uneventful, we ate the French Roast Beef dipping sandwiches and managed not to get too much of it on us. Mind you having a dog really helps keep the mess down. She looked pretty confused because we usually have supper at the kitchen table and here were eating in the living room by the fire. I only had one of those phoney logs left, so we had to eat fast. Those logs really bug me, it says in HUGE letters "This is a three hour log"...I wonder what the genius at the log factory was lasts at least 1 1/2 hrs. at the most. I guess keeping the damper wide open might be a clue. We never close it because invariably one of us will put a log in and forget to open it.

I finally started back at my fav hobby, computer scrapbooking. With all the computer problems I was having I was falling way behind. Of course I always manage to create the most unrealalistic goals for myself. When I first started, I had visions for scrapping my whole life, my parents, my grandparents, my dogs, and maybe my neighbours..or anybody off the street? ... but soon found out that "every" picture in our photo albums do not need scrapping...mainly because I am too lazy to scan them all ..he he..It's easier just to do events, like B.Days, Anniversarys, Christmas's etc....phew that took the pressure off! Unfortunately I have depressurized so much that I can't get one done in a month. I blame working full time, walking the dog, and cleaning the house on this. If I didn't have all this to do I would be able to scrap till I drop. Well, I have had two days off...procrastinated...made silly crafty stuff on the puter, discover blogging..etc. and I have not made one stinking layout. Maybe put it off even further I began playing with the speech recognition thingie on the computer. What's more fun than talking to yourself?

Almost time to get ready to out and spend a belated xmas with my bro and family. They were out of town, so we are getting together tonight. I hope the old Bronco is rested enough to make the trip accross the city. I am sure Gord will take the "blade" with him just in case they need a little snow moved.

Thanks to Mary Lou and Sally for giving me encouragement to keep blogging...thanks gals! I gotta figure out how to work the spell check.

later gators!
..seems to be a problem with spell check and the pop up blocker..hmmm will have to figure that out. It's always something!


Leslie said...

Happy New Year, Joan! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you decided to keep blogging!

Mary Lou said...

up on top of your posting before you publish is a little check mark thingie, that is the spell checker. Click on that and it will pop up every word that is mispelled.

Just wait until you want to change your blog colors...whoo boy!!! get a book HTML for dummies!!!

I am scrapbooking too, only I dont like a lot of embelishments, so mine is pictures and journaling. I usually write a blog post with pictures, and then print it out for my scrapbook!!