Friday, January 07, 2005


No computer for me this weekend. I am taking the Compaq back today before it explodes!! I was hoping my Dell would arrive today....but didn't happen. The computer was supposed to be delived to my work, as no one is at home during the when the Purolator guy came in today to deliver some stuff I gave him a pretty rough time for not delivering my Dell.. I told not to bother coming back here until he has it in his truck!...two minutes later he came back in with a little package he had forgotten to give me...and said it was from Dell, they had sent me a Blackberry -- not blueberry...LOL..I'm such a twit.. by mistake.....yuk yuk...Mr. Purolator guy....don't mess with someone who will be without a puter for the weekend!...grrrr.

Have to get off my work computer...boss is nosing around my desk!!

Later Gators

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Mary Lou said...

Oh MAN No 'puter for the weekend...How are you going to survive?

Is a blueberry the same as a blackberry?