Saturday, January 22, 2005

It's time to quitmybitchin'

But before I do that....have a looky at the monster I have to drive everyday!!! It actually looks short in the picture, but trust me it's a long "mother". Folks around here must be wondering if I'm going on vacation everyday when I pass them on the street. Hey, here is the bright side, I can pull over on the way to work, have a nap on the back electric powered bed, watch a little TV, have a cocktail, and.. once refreshed ...carry on! However, this is not a workable plan in the winter, when the leather seat turns to "stone"..

What you don't see is the FOR SALE sticker on the back. Don't have to many buyers right now, so it looks like I will be driving the 'tank' until spring.

1 comment:

Mary Lou said...

my daughter drove a 1964 Belair Station Wagon...Talk about a TANK! That thing was so long it would not fit in the driveway!