Sunday, January 23, 2005


I rescued Penny from the shelter about 4 years ago. She was only 6 months old and already been in two different homes. I promised her this would be her last stop...and it was. She's part Daschund and sumthin' else...don't know what. She is a really good hunter. You can hide anything in our yard and she will find it..even if it takes her hours, she won't give up. She keeps her nose to the ground and it looks like she covers the area in grids!..

She can identify 8 different toys by their name, and she will bring them to you in the order that you call for them. Usually, by the time she reached #6 she gets a little distracted and runs off to chase a bird or squirrel.

She also has the worlds loudest bark!!...The first time she barked I almost wet my pants!! Before I had her I had poodles and they have a sort of high pitched bark, so when she let out a real bark, it surprised me.

Right now, she is pouting...and she can really pout!!...It's been so cold outside it's hard to take her for a walk, because her hair is so short and she freezes up easily. This last week however, I have noticed that her winter coat is coming in, and she is getting a lot of fur between her toes, so she will be able to adjust to the temps. a little better.

She loves sitting up high, as you can see from the pic. When we are out on the patio, she always has to have her own patio chair, right beside mine.

I think I lucked out when I got her, she was wonderful sweet nature...loves kids and people..the only thing I don't like is that she has a "hate" on for other dogs when we go for walks. She goes balistic. When I see another dog coming down the street, I check for anyplace I can think of to get her out of it's path. I don't know if she would ever do anything, as I haven't given her the opportunity. When she is with other dogs ..let's say at the vet's etc. she is's only on walks when she gets crazy. I have talked to the vet and he suggested I bring her to classes and maybe they could straighten her out!

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