Sunday, January 16, 2005

I figured out the picture thingie

Okay, now I'm ready to roll. I still haven't figured out the sidebar stuff, but that will come.

I got the spell check to work Mary Lou.......thankies!!

I wanted a picture of myself in the sidebar, but it ended up in the post part, buts that's okay I really don't want to look at myself all the time anyway! Once is enough. I couldn't find a picture, so I had Gord take a quick one before he left today..Good thing I cleaned up the office area yesterday.

We are still pouring over the house plans, and getting no where. I say white, Gord says black ..grrrrr..I really don't know if I really want to go through with seems like waaaay to much work. I really think we should renovate our house, it's 20 years old and is getting a dated looking. I think a good coat of paint and new flooring and furniture would make a world of difference. We'll see.............

Its freaking cold here again, 30 below ..and getting colder... see the pics. These are from the snow storm around New Years.

Oh, I almost forgot, I should post a pic of our "Snow Blade"....Gord took it out with him again today, don't ask me why, it hasn't snowed. Probaby needed to "bond" with it again..

Time to take grouchy old dog for a walk...she's gonna freeze her ass, but she is insistant.

Back later...

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gemmak said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog, nice to see a new face around.

I cannot belive your snow, I have been hoping for snow all winter and thus far nothing! We NEVER have snow like that....I'm gonna buy an air ticket!! hehe