Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm Waiting....

I know I am sounding like a broken record. My computer is still not here. Yesterday I tried to track it down on the Purolator web site. Unfortunately now Mr. Purolator is my hit (shit) list as well. All it says on the site is that as of Jan.3/05..it is in transit somewhere in the USA ...duh.. it's January 11th today, don't they update the progress? I thought it was being built in Canada...now it probably has to clear customs ...blahhhh...my techo fetish is starting to show..

The purolator truck just pulled up...I swear...it better be on there.....yayyyyyyyyyy...this time it's not a "blueberry" either LOL...can't believe I wrote that. I am doing a very "happy dance"...now I can can get on with some serious uninterupted blogging, emailing, farting around..and wasting my time...life is good! The only loser in this is my poor Penny Loafer..she had me all to herself for a few weeks, now it back to standing on her head to get my attention. I had it delivered to my work, so I won't be able to open it until I go home for lunch......I better go before I wet myself!!!

Later gators

PS...sorry Mr. Purolator...I'm taking you off my shit list...but all those others I have mentioned before are still on it until further notice.

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Prop Turns said...

Hello Joan - nice home!

I got your message, got carried away with time - in other words, got busy blogging and reading blogs. I'll e-mail you a sample of the code I used, either later tonight - we'll see how well I sleep and how long the comericals are or tomorrow evening.

Talk to you later.