Friday, January 14, 2005

It's taking me forever!!

It's taking me forever to get set up again. It seems the moment I get home from work, there are a billion things to do and the computer is last on the list. Last night I finally had time to load all my software, but I still have to transfer all my pictures, graphics and scrapbooking stuff from the CD where I saved stuff before the crash. I found a bunch of stuff I thought were gone yesterday...good for me..I actually saved something worthwhile..surprise..

A fellow blogger (Tara) send me some codes to put in my blog so I can purdy up my blog and make it look a little better. I will get to that this weekend. I should have time because the temperature is like 40 below, so the dog won't be bugging me for walks..she will just sit across from me with that pouty face of hers and make me feel guilty. I hope to have "hello" going as well, so finally I can do pics. I can't believe I have actually waited this long without exploding. I have no patience at the best of times.

I have a question, if anyone is reading this. I can't use my spell check. This happened on the computer I took back as well. When I click on the ABC with the check mark on the top, a box comes up and says pop-up blocked. to see this pop-up or additonal optons click here...when I click it gives me options whether I want to allow pop ups or not. I changed the settings but that didn't help the spell check. It's got me baffled. Mary Lou tried to help me with it on the other computer,but I still could not get it to work. I must be doing something else wrong.

lator gators

Later on January 14, 2005


I can't believe it's still 35 freaking below...THIS IS GETTING OLD!! I'm waiting for ...what they used to call the January "Bonspiel Thaw"...this would be a sudden warm spell, just when the annual Curling Bonspiel would be begin and piss the curlers off. Doesn't happen anymore now that we have artificial ice, nor does the weather.

Curling is probably right up there with "watching paint dry"...not the most exciting sport.
I enjoyed it when I was in high school, we played teams from all over southern Manitoba.
Actually if the truth were to be told, I actually "stunk" at curling, but that didn't stop me. Hey, it was the only thing to do in a small town of 500 or so in the 60's. Once they built the bowling alley I abondoned all my curling buddies and make new bowling buddies...fickle huh? Come to think of it...I "stunk" in bowling too. Nobody really wanted me on their teams, but let me play because I was always the "life of the party" type and liked to laugh....I was sorta like a mascot..
they let me hang around because I was popular and it didn't hurt to be my friend.

I was a cheerleader in high school too. I really stunk at that..but some how they overlooked the fact that I was uncoordinated and couldn't do a cart wheel. Damn near broke my leg trying.
My stint as a cheerleader was always in jepordy. Your grades had to be in a certain range in order to join the squad. When I started cheerleading my grades were pretty average, but once I actually go into it...they slipped big time. I had no time for homework, I had cheerleading, curling, bowling and BOYS on my mind. When mid terms came about I did miserably and was told that I would be axed if I didn't pull up my boots!!...I promised...I started to study...blah blah...I squeeked past the next term and by that time I started to buggar around again, Basketball season was over.. I was reading my diary the other day, and had to laugh at myself. Every entry for months on end starter off....Jan and I went downtown ..met so and so...HAD A BALL!....If I was having so much fun, why can't I remember that now. I must of been desperate to lie to my diary...

I will have to start a little Dear Diary section....and take some actual entries.


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Mary Lou said...

HRMMM!!! do you have the google toole bar? that was a problem for me too, then when I click on the pop-ups blocked tool bar and re tried it it worked. Because spell check IS a pop-up.