Friday, January 28, 2005

Hey, I kicked HTML's ASS

Yahoo!!! I am so proud of myself, I figured out how to put the side bar in today. It was embarassingly easy, but it all looked like greek to me before. A huge thanks to Mary Lou and Tara. You guys are the best!! I didn't do the links on your names yet, but I know how to do it. I'm a little crazy with power right now, and have to be sure what I am doing. It still scares me to go into templates and change things. I'm poking at my keys, tryin not to screw anything up. I'll be off and running soon. I must of read and reread the instructions those two lovely ladies sent me, and could not figure it out for love or money. But, for some reason a "little light" when on my teenie weenie brain this afternoon. So, screw the 60's and 70's, I still have some brain cells left LOL...dis girl be a happy camper!! ( sorry for the little dots)

I just had someone response to my last post, about the little dots, which I found so true. Special K, said:At the time, I thought it was simply some manner of email lingo with which I was unfamiliar, but have since learned it's mere laziness of expression.

How true is that!! I am or was a lazy arse. I am still holding myself back, I need the dots! I am sure there is a self help group out there that can help me with this dot problem. I will probably be going into withdrawl for awhile. So bear with me.

Just on another note:

I became a auntie of sorts today..for the 4th time no less. (my cousins kids) One would wonder why my hair is grey..ish..? She had a bouncing baby boy, weighed 7 lbs. something I can't remember.
Who really cares about the ounces anyway. That's probably a parent thing, all the details are very important when they have the baby. I only want to know the gender, if it was healthy, and the date of the baby shower, so I know I will be out of town!! Hey, I don't have anything against drooling babies and new mothers, but I'm not a "shower person". I'm hoping Grandma, Grandpa, misc. old bridesmaids and cousins, and other close family members can fill the bill. Maybe they will forget me. It could happen! I will lay low and make sure call display is working on my phone!! me verrry bad.

Well, it's time for our Friday night pizza....tonites choice is!!!!!...drum roll....BOSTON in Canada ( or maybe just Manitoba) ...and we are having ...hmmmmm.. the Boston Royal, which consists of: Pepperoni, black olives, green peppers, fresh mushrooms, smoked ham, onions, and SHRIMP. It is to die for...I have urged their management to put a few pieces of pineapple in the mix, because ...well, I just think it would taste better. They haven't got back to me on that. Who said the customer is always right? Okay, I just noticed a *few dots* up there. Once I get enrolled in the dot detox program things should change..... I hope LOL.. jeez this is so hard!!


Mary Lou said...

Never heard of shrimp on a pizza before!! WHat I really like is the white garlic sauce that they are putting on at your requwst now. doesnt hurt my tummy like the tomato does. With Pepperoni, onions, black olives, mushrooms and extra cheese. YUM YUM!!!

Special K said...

OK, don't be getting all neurotic about the little dots. Ellipses (...) are fine, ya know.

So, you're a 'Pegger? That's my hometown, and I don't miss those winters at all.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Hey, I use dots all the time. I'm also incredibly overzealous with the quotation marks and dashes.

Blogs are you, talking, in writing. You type how you talk.

Don't sweat it!

This is from the High End ex-Executive Assistant who can't remember to ever, ever use spell check. :)

Joan said...

Mary Lou...shrimp on a pizza is try eating it alone.

Hey Special K...I knew you lived in the "peg" from your blog...hey how do you like these "ellipses"...thanks for letting me know the term. It sorta sounds like a disease ... I have Ellipses...and it cannot be cured. If I ever wind up in the ER..I will say I am a blogger and I have ellipses, lets see if our wonderful medicare will pay for THAT!! It might just put in front of the line.

Joan said...

that would be just put ME in front of the line ahhhh