Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Byjimminie its a hot one out tonight

It is so frigging hot out tonight, I can't breath. I tried to do some pond work, but the heat and humidity brought me in. I feel faint. The dog is passed out. And just a few months ago I was bitching about the snow. Such is de life.

I'm going to let the cat out of the to speak (who keeps cats in a bag anyway)? The baloney blog site is getting a new look. Did I learn HTM..fucking L?...NO...but I know people that do. You will no longer have to stare at that blue narrow screen and fall asleep..well maybe some better writing on my part could correct that..but "Nevermind"...I'm going Hollywood! Hopefully by next week sometime it will be up. I am so excited I could pee my drawers.

I was peeking out the patio windows in my cool air conditioned house looking at my pond...sitting there so lonesome, waiting for some balonie love. The liner is in, but I am in need of some serious rocks. I live on the prairies, we don't have rocks, we have gravel. Which brings to mind, where does the gravel come from?...from rocks I would think...well who the hell chopped them all up?...I need some huge MF rocks I tells you!....for my serenity pond. Can you tell I need one??? Yes I does...and soon. I haven't even fiddled with the pump part of the pond yet. Watch for my name in the Obit's.

The stinking hot sun, is slowly setting...thank you lord!..and the 90 mile an hour winds are abating. I will go out and retrieve what is left of my patio furniture, and praise the Lord I don't live in Arizona..I couldn't take the heat.

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