Sunday, June 26, 2005

On Golden Pond Phase 11

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Well, thar she be, after hours and hours of digging, swearing, swatting bugs, and getting dirty as hell.  I musta had more mud on me than a pig at a party.  From the angle I took the pic the flowers on the left don't match the one's on the right..but they really do. That MF pool caused me so much grief on Saturday when I was installing the little waterfall.  For some unknown reason, I had it upside down...fortheloveofatwobyfour.  How, dumb was that!  The people that made the kit weren't all that bright either, they gave me clamps the size of a car water hose to clamp a teenie weenie hose. Almost busted my wrists trying to make the clamp smaller.  By late afternoon on Saturday I had the whole pool up and and running...but I had one small problem.  The kit gives you a choice of three spray attachments.  Two of them are boring and won't put any water down the waterfall feature.  The nicest one will do all that and more, but it sprays out of the tiny pool, and within an hour the pool is half drained dry..arseholes..  So in the pic I have the weenie one going, but I have to figure out how get the diverter to made the nice spray feature work properly. 

As you can see the garden is huge, and there is still a thousand things to do.  I went to Wal Mart yesteday and bought 24 bags of  bark chips, which I will make pathways and such.  I have to get more rocks too, these were the only ones I could find on short notice in my yard.  This is just the best.  I haven't been able to work outside since 2003 when I tore a muscle in my tummy and couldn't do anything heavy.  I was so careful, not to do anything more than I could handle, but then I forgot about it and did what I hadda do...and my tummy is jest fine.  The rest of my body is in ruins, I might add.  No amount of tylenol will cover my aches and pains.  But, it all good. 

We have a long weekend coming up on Friday ...CANADA I will be putting down all the bark and shit.  I am so happy, and I am going to make a little plague on the flower/pond garden in memory of my it was there garden to begin with, and thanks to all of you who gave me some encouragement early on this year to do just that.  No more tears, just some sweat and hard work.  And best of all I don't have to gaze from my deck looking at empty garden.

I also want to thank my next door neighbour ..who gave me the incentive to get up EARLY on a Sunday morning, by bringing a crew of guys to install his hot tub!  Jerkface.  I awoke from my slumber, with the sound of "buzzing"...thinking I was still half asleep and in a dream, and laid me head back for a moment.  It started again..stopped..started again.  It was a high pitched sound, and the dog was digging deeper and deeper under the covers with her little paws over her ears!  Finally I got up and looked out the back, and saw workers installing a huge tub, and a unit to run it.  They finished up by 6:00, and now we have the sweet sound of a unit running constantly, day and night right beside our fence.  Sabatoge I say...I might have to resort to's a constant whine....drives me nuts.  I might just have to out at night and catch them in the tub and take some pics..that otta do it!!

More tomorrow, I gotta put me "raisin" bones to rest.  I was quite proud of myself, after not doing anything labour intensive for two years....I'll show the Ms. SK...I still be a .."raisin to be reckonned with..




Anonymous said...

A link to a nice coprolite for your serenity pond. ;-) ;-)

Michelle said...

Joan, I love your serenity garden even though you almost broke your back achieving it.