Monday, June 20, 2005

Hello Monday

When I went back and looked at that pic of my dad...he was straight out the sopranos. Funny I didn't see it yesterday. My mind was elsewhere.

I have a serious case of "OFF" in my nose. Damn those mosquitoes, I musta picked my nose with some of the bug spray on it. ewww..I don't know how it got there if that was not the case.

I was down on the patio planting all the stuff that has been waiting for me to get them into there new homes. Our weather has been so wicked this weekend with wind 80 kms an hour Saturday and on Sunday it was 30 hot and humid..heat stoke weather. So, after work tonight I decided to finish off part of my plan for the summer. I got all my plants repotted that will go up on my deck. I left the others for tomorrow, when I will start digging and put in my little pond starter kit I bought. Hey, whats wrong with fake rocks?...a water feature, some fake water lilies. I'm going to do it in my Mom and Dads old garden in out back yard and start to make it better each year.. in their honour. And thank you to those of you who suggested I might do something like this when I was getting a little depressed about their garden in the spring. It's a big job, but I'm up to it...well maybe unless there is mosquitoes, wind, sun, rain, and hey, maybe I'm just lazy..or I could be scrapbooking, walking the dog, cleaning the house, making dinner, vacuuming, grocery shopping, paying the bills, oops, did I mention working a full time. Other than that it should be done in no time at all.

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