Sunday, June 12, 2005

Well, I'll be go to hell!!

Guess who called me on Saturday night.

Gwan..guess? ...wrong
Guess again ...wrong

Nevermind then.

Okay, her initials are SK...ring a bell?

Yes, the Diva called ME in person! She caught me by surprise, and I was yelling and everything, she must have thought I was a lunatic. And you want to know what else I did...
I. talked.

I'm not kidding, if you ever see a picture of her you will see she is missing onna hers ears! If she would have caught me after my 92nd. glass of wine, I would have talked the other one off too.

We had a mighty fine chat. And you know what?, she sounded like I imagined ...smooth talker and all ..he he..meantimes I was doing my impersonation of babbling idiot.

We talked so long Gord fell asleep in front of the TV. When I got off the phone, he asked who the heck I was talking to, I told him it my blogger friend SK. "Oh" he said, "the one who thinks I'm God." "Why didn't you let me talk to her?"....LOL Iffin you don't get it, she spelled Gord's name God in a old blog, and I just can't seem to let it go, as much as I tries.

Good times!

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