Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Okay, I finished complaining - anyone got an ark for sale?

I just finished looking through the "Prairie Farmer Weekly Newspaper"..Perusing the livestock section. I think what I need are some Rams. If I tucked 250 or more of those bad boys in my HD, I might be able to bring up my comments on my blog...yathink? Ramalambadingdong! 60th shit...nevermind.

The rain is does not let up for minute. My little pond is overflowing into the garden. We have had huge thunderstorms and rain since 8:00 this morning. Flooding is predicted in a few parts of the city. What a crazy summer this has started out to be. They predict sun for Canada Day on whoppee all the mosquitoes will be out in full force to bite our asses off. The flowers on my deck look so droopy and water laden, I feel sorry for the little buggers. Upside is I don't have to water them!!

Can you tell, I don't have "Shit" to talk about tonight..I have managed to get through the day without making any costly errors at work, my dog is sitting here looking pissed because she can't go out and play in the flood of the century. But, you know after reading Ms. MaryLou's blog this afternoon, I have been in a somber mood. Her blogger friends husband bit the dust in a heartbeat on warning no nothing, just dead of a heart attack I assume. I read her friends blog, and it just tore me to pieces. I know how it feels to loose someone in an instant, like my dad. The confusion, the hospitals, the arrangements, the denial, the horrible disbelief that your world could be turned upside down in a second. The if's ..and should have's... I feel so bad for her friend, I have felt them all with my mom and dad. But not with the the love of my life "Gord." I cannot imagine my life without him, and this really scared me. When Dad died, my mom was feeling exactly the same feeling Marylou's friend was expressed in her blog. Her life and time had stopped, nothing was left but fear of the uncertainty. We had to try to pick up what was left and try to go on together as a family. I know my mom was older than MaryLou's friend, but I don't think that makes any difference. We mate for life, or are supposed to and even if we don't..when our mates die whether we are still with them or not and the relationship was still good..I can't think of anything more devastating. I am so sorry that MaryLou didn't get the support she needed when her ex husband died, whether or not she was still married to him or not. Sometimes we don't see or understand how "history" with another human being effects us, in life and in death. This rain, is getting me down..

I will try to be a little more upbeat tomorrow.

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