Tuesday, June 21, 2005

On Golden Pond Part 1

<P>I is one tuckered puppy.  I got home from work at 5:00... and started digging at 6:30.  I measured and measured my little pond feature before I started digging.  And I dug it too big.  Digging it too small would make sense, because I don't like digging, but that is what I did. 

Somebody...I won't give out any names (Gordon)..oops...threw out the box the pond came in.  I still had the instructions, but I liked to look at the picture, just in case that would be all I had at the end of this...then at least I could see if I was doing it half assed right. Now all I have is a memory, which is too short to make a good assessment of what it was supposed to look like. So, at this point I had no frigging idea of what I was doing.

I dug a hole soooo deep, I went to China.

I shit you not.

I didn't really have time to go there, but I took a few minutes to enjoy some green tea, and a rickshaw ride...by the time I got back I was ready to do somemore diggin.

The instructions said to dig the hole a few inches bigger than the pond liner.  By the time I was finished, I had dug a grave fortheloveofaduck.  Even the dog looked scared.  Just then, Gord got home, and I questioned him about the "box" the pond had come in.."he said, I threw it in the garbage."  I took his arm and said come along with me buddy boy, I have a place for you to sleep tonight..."in the hole."

With some struggling and swearing and fighting off the mosquitoes, I managed to get Part 1 done.  However, I did make one error, I backfilled the pond with dirt before I put any water in it.  The instructions clearly state, that you should do both at the same time to make sure it is level.  I had a level and used it about two times and it never came out right...so I chucked it. 

Hole I have dug

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com



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