Thursday, June 30, 2005

The sun finally peeped out..and I am in a better mood

Okay, so it rained for 40 days and 40 nights..nobody got hurt. Everyone managed to get off the Ark and found a bar to drown their sorrows in. Including me.

We, here in Canada are just prepping for our Canada Day long weekend..I don't friggin have to go to work tomorrow. I can sleep in!!..and I would if "the love of my life", would have brought home a new waterbed heater that I specifically requested!! The heater went out two weeks ago, since then I have heaped the bed with 3 quilts, so as to keep the cold water from burrowing into my raisin bones..fortheloveofmike.

Last night was pretty creepy with the rain and all. The trees in our yard are really really big, and one of them, right beside our bedroom window, was so saturated with moisture, one of it's huge branches leaned over onto the metal evestrough and started to grind and groan. Scared the bijesus otta me. Hope the neighbours didn't think it was us!! Lordybee. I have my "rep" to live up to..yaknow.. I is a nice mennonite chickadee.

Hope all youse guys like my new look in here. I sure do. I have to thank Lisa from
Design-A-Blog...and if I knew how to do a link I would. I am sure it's easy. If any one of you guys are as html stupid as me, give her a shout, it's on my sidebar. She's a sweetie.

I'm just thinking of Special K tonight..wondering what she is up to. Probably sleeping after the long trip...or maybe raiding the "bar" fridge in her room, and having some snackies..or...they have lost her luggage at the airport, with her NEW BATHING SUIT IN IT!!...nahhh we would have heard her screaming from here.. it couldn't have happened...I didn't hear anyone yelling "you mother(*&^'s"..did you? Nope I did not hear anything. So, I think things when well then. I hope she brings me back the monkaay I asked for. One can always use an extra monkaay.

Guess its time to hit the hay. Tomorrow is Canada Day after all. Spit..I wish we did stuff like the "Mericans" do on July 4th. ...they wave flags, and have barbeques on well manicured lawns with lots of children..waving flags...and then blowing up so many firecrackers in one night that puts another hole thru the ozone layer..those guys knows how to have a good time. I always admire thier patroitism...and love of country. I hardly ever feel that in Canada. It always feels so anal compared to the US..but I have a flag, and I will be proudly displaying it tomorrrow.

Just remembered, tomorrow I have to make my "fart jar"...for my girlfriends birthday!! I will send you a pic Phyliss!!


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