Friday, July 01, 2005

My Fart Jar label ...and other boring stuff

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I have been some busy beaver today, I got my fart jar ready an waiting, and got most of the tree bark around my little pond done.  Do you see Mr Aligatator fishing ?  LOL...I just finished a few minutes ago, and the mosquitoes were eating up me insides out there, and I had to come in.  I wish I would have had more time to rake and do stuff.  I have more rocks coming, but I have to pick them up from a quarry about an hour from here.  The sign says...$10.00.. pick as many as you want.  Shit, after doing all this today I'd be lucky to lift a pebble. 

Canada Day has been going on all around me, I can hear the people in the nabe, having pool parties and all.  Sokay, balonie don't need a pool party, I have my own pool.  Now if I could only fit into it!!

Gord still isn't home, he had a roof to patch tonight on one of our rental properties.  I hate it when he climbs up on a roof.  PHONE A my loud suggestion.  He came back home about two hours ago and got a tarp and some roofing pretty do you think that roof is going to look like??  Do you think the tenant is going to like a bright blue tarp draped on top of  the roof of his house, with 2"x4"'s nailed in to keep it place?  Oh Lordy...Gordie.. I know the house is old, and he has tried to tar the roof and such, but maybe we should think of putting new shingles ya think?? fuzzz







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