Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just an update

Went to see my bebby bro today after work. He is looking fine, bored, a little scared, and a little ornery. He is still in ICU being tracked from every orifice..but he is doing okay. He will be having a what I call a "Angel Plasty"..LOL on Friday...where they put a long tube in his leg to his heart of hearts and blow up a balloon to smash all the bad stuff out. I hope I haven't got too technical for ya'all..

He was in a really good mood, and we laughed and the ole days. I have always been the "teaser" in the family, and when I get going on something, I just don't give up.. shut-up I know!!

Gord and Garry ( my bro) were discussing our vehicle woes (not any of them work right) whilst I was looking at a booklet he had on his night table. It was one of those...Heart Attack booklets which explained..."what you have done wrong"...and now "how to make it right." There were questionnaire's in there where he and his nurse filled out. He lied at least two times that I could see..bugger.. It said..Do you smoke: NO..Ahem... I called him on it and he said that was not a lie, because he does not smoke hasn't smoked since Monday when he had the heart attack...jezzzzzlouise..denial be your name bebby bro. ahhhhh

Anyway, the booklet had much more interesting stuff in it. It said on Week 1 of your release from the hospital you will be restricted in certain activities, and the following are the activities we recommend: (just a few) light duties such as dishwashing ...short walks...taking a bogger out of your nose...okay I am making some of it up...but there really was one that said ..knitting...
that one struck my funny bone. When the guys had finished up the "guy" talk I told Garry, he would have to start knitting when he got out... I said "look, it says that here right in your heart attack book." He told me to then, I knew I had his attention. I brought knitting into every conversation after that, until he told me to leave LOLLLLL... good times, just like the old days. I quit it about 15 minutes before we left, and we said our goodbyes and hugged and stuff. As we were leaving he asked me to change the channel on the TV that was across the isle from his bed. I tried to, but I couldn't reach it because it was one of those that are anchored high on the wall. The nurse came by and asked me if she could help, I said yes, he wanted to watch a different station. She asked me what he wanted to watch... and before he could answer..I said......guess what "The Knitting Channel".. HAAAAA...he gave me the "finger" when I left...with a huge smile on his bebby face..

I am so sorry I tricked him into eating rabbit turds when he was young:) I am only telling my stories, if he were to tell some, he would let you guys know the tricks he pulled on me...some good one's I tells you. And our love for comedy albums....we had every one that was out in the late 60's to 80's...and pissed our pants laughing.

Just the two of us...

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