Monday, July 25, 2005

I give up

It has cooled off considerably here, it almost feels like fall..thank you Lord! I actually have no point with this post (or any other post mind you) but I will ramble on for a bit.

But, did you know what GORD did on Saturday?.. I am still shaking me head. We have a old rental house beside our building that needs a new roof. The house will be torn down in a few years anyway to make way for more parking, so we thought we would just do a patch job. Gord hired some jerk out of the newspaper to do it. All we wanted was some shingle sheeting material put over the old shingles, so it would last a few more years. The guy, I should say the swindler, tells Gord (who believes anyone who says he is a Mennonite) that he can do the job the next day, all Gord has to do is give him 300.00 bucks for the material. When Gord told me this, my "radar" was in high alert....I told him, to pick up the material himself and NOT give the any money up front. I told him this at 11:00 AM Sat. morning, he came back home at 1:30 and said he gave the guy 300.00 to pick up the material. (but being the cleaver guy he is, he went to Home Depot to see if the guy went there after he gave him the money) why the fuck did he not just get it himself???? He said the guys truck was there...and I was such a naysayer...blah blah..piss

I put my head in the oven.

Good thing I didn't turn the dern thing on, or I woulda missed the rest of the story whilst I was taking my dirt nap. The guy was supposed to come on Sunday morning at 10:00 AM to start the job. You all know what happened..dontcha....the guy left a message on his answering machine sayin he had pulled a muscle in his back and was going to the Chiropractor today, and would let him know on Tuesday if he was able to do the job.

I put my head in the dryer.

I so specifically said: Do not get creeps out of the paper, go to the reputable places!! So, lets see if the guy shows up, or says his grandmother died, his trailer burned down..or he just leaves town. Oh my trusting soul of a husband. In his mind, he still lives in the country, where you could trust your neighbor's.

The world don't waggle thata way anymore.

He thinks just because he gives everyone a fair shake in his business he will be treated the same way when he wants something done, and it just isn't so.

Does anyone want our money?........just ask, he will give it to you, all you have to be is Mennonite, and talk nice to him...fertheloveofit.. I told him a hundred times when he was hiring this guy, I don't care where he comes from, even if he comes from our old home town, get it in writing..

Oops..update: He just told me before he went to bed that he only gave the guy 180.00 ...300.00 was the full price of the job...okay then ..I'll take my head of the microwave. After all what 180.00 bucks!

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