Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Pond Scum Update

The area of our city finally got sprayed for those mofo's...and I got into my garden, without having a blood transfusion when I left. I bow to malathion, and if it kills me I will sue. opps could be a little late. I will leave a note in my Will for a class action suit..then maybe Gord can get his 60.00 bucks back after I croak.

Anywho, when I got into my garden tonight I discovered new critters had hatched. I shit you not. I hope they aren't mutants from the spraying. Maybe I should be keeping my windows and door closed at night in case they multiply. Nothing worse than a bunch of plastic critters trying to find there way back to Wal Mart ...growing bigger by the minute..tromping through my backyard, into the street..causing havok in the cul de sac. No we can't have that.

Did you see Mr.Duck? How did he get in my bird bath..little begger.

I loves turtles, they are so cool, they have their own RV right on their back. They just pull under for the night...and it's done man. No paying big bucks for a campsite.

I will be keeping a prudy good eye on them tonight...if I see one of them move.. I will throw a Hairy Putter book at em..and hope he can cure the curse...cause from hearsay, that guy is good. I know, a lot of Harry..(jeez it hard not writing hairy)...okay Harry Potter fans will want to stone me. Go ahead, take your best shot. But really I likes munchkins so I would probably like Harry and his like. I actually saw the first movie about three weeks ago...and I loved it...I was getting there, I have to admit. I guess I's getting old and just can't get into fantasyland anymore..and yes that is sad. But, I admire those who can take the time to sit down, and..fuck the world, and say, I am now going to let this book take me away. My life is always so busy and fraught with different shit, I can't (or don't) take time for dreaming. Good on you Harry Potter fans, and maybe I will one day take the time to get out of my own skin.

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