Sunday, July 31, 2005

We deserve each other

A week or two back, I was bitching about Gord falling for the contractor's tale about fixing our roof on our rental property. Well, the guy came on Friday, and did a bang up job. Joan 0 - Gord 1. I was asked very nicely to "say I am sorry for making me scared and crazy with all your carazy misgivings". I did. But hesitantly. Because that's the way I am. It could happen again and I would not be prepared, because one fix-it guy actually came through. It doesn't happen very often in our life. That is my god given job, to be skeptical and scare the ever livin crap otta him..that's probably the most fun.

The last few weeks we have been secretly laughing at our tenants. When they first discovered the leak in their roof, they frantically called Gord on the Cel and said there was BUCKETS of water POURING in their bedroom!! Gord called me because I work just down the back lane and told me to go over and check it out, because he was at a service call and couldn't get back. I went over, and they had a big old turkey roaster sitting in the middle of the floor catching the..drip (another minute later) drip (another two minutes later) get it. Buckets Schmuckets!! There was just a slow little dripping going on fortheloveofadove. I reported back to my superior, and we laughed at them. After the roof was fixed, we continued to laugh about the exaggerated BUCKETS of water coming in their bedroom. Not a day went by when we didn't bring it up and laugh again.

On Saturday night about 11:00 PM...God was giving us quite a light show, and the wind started to pick and it started to rain BUCKETS!! We sat at the living room window and watched it pour. While we watching, we laughed again and commented .."Now, this is what a bucket of rain really looks like". HA. HA. Two minutes later, I said to hear something leaking?... I hear a dripping noise. We looked up at the beam in my office upstairs, and sure as god made little green was leaking and dripping down to an electrical outlet. We were scrambling to get a pail on the ledge to catch the water.

I couldn't find a pail, so I got an old aquarium and set it on the ledge. That puppy holds 10 gallons, I knew I couldn't go wrong. If that didn't work, we could always get out the turkey roasting pan. Gord went down to the basement and found the water was coming from a leak around the chimney and it was pouring BUCKETS down there too. Fuzz...Gord 0 - Joan 0. The moral of this story is: don't be laughing at other people, because it will come and bite you on the ass. We so deserve each other!

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