Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's hot and humid in the PEG

We are not even close to Florida...I see no reason for the humidity. Why would it come here. We don't have alligators? I don't get it.

My friggin smoke alarm has rang every ..count them (3) minutes all day today. The dog is sitting on the floor with her paws around her ears, and I am madly waving and tea towel at the sumambitch... I can't take out the batteries because it hooked up direct. Fuzz. I think the problem is that I am doing laundry and the dryer is putting more humidity in the air. I have got the air conditioning on full tilt...but it is oppressing today, nothing is helping.

Gordon tried to kill himself and me this morning. It was sooo humid, but he said he had to GET things done here today. Faaaa.. because it rains every Sunday and shit does not get done on our day off....and yes he is right. Our yard looks like a piece of crap (street side) because we dug the lawn up to get the water away from the basement in spring, plus we had a whole muther load of sand waiting to be put under the front stairs sitting on the driveway.

We had water coming in our basement this spring, because the Mr. did not fix the eaves as mentioned once before in another bitchin blog..and all the water went into the weeping tiles..then into the rec room.., the worst day in the world he decides to pull up 1000 pounds of patio stones and put sand underneath the stairs...and you know..this is even to hard to explain..because it was so stupid I can't believe I actually tried to help him...because I was afraid he was going to get heat stroke or a heart attack..which has been very much in my mind these days.

By the time we finished shoveling and packing the sand under the front stairs,and then lining up the patio put them back in place (which will never happen) because every one of those suckers leaned a little left or right to HIS satisfaction. It was so damn hot. I had a shovel...and I was just about to one more nitpicking would have been over his head.. was just the "heat" talking!! was close.

I have a word of advice to women who are thinking or marrying men that are over achievers... or jest plain stupid .. RUN RUN..cause sure as hell you will wind up trying to help them overachieve..or..overstupid..themselves..because you have so much time invested...

On the bright side, he just came home and made that smoke alarm go off..okay then ..ignore the above sentence...for now. Nevermind!!


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