Saturday, July 09, 2005

Good News

We found out last night that Garry won't be needing an operation after all. I am sure glad God didn't find me too annoying after all!! After a weeks worth of waiting and Dr. deliberations, they finally came to a consensus last night. They are no longer calling it a heart attack...they have a new EPISODE .. hmmm (do ya think)? Apparently, his preexisting diabetes condition comes into play here somewhere. Sludgie blood seems to be the culprit. So, he will be on blood thinners to combat any further "episodes". His heart attack was apparently not a classic, he did not have chest pains, but shortness of breath and arm pain. Therefore the Doc's have been doing endless tests to see where the problem lies. They believe this will do the trick. Let's hope so! He should be out by Tuesday.

Thanks to all of you who sent me encouraging messages, it means a lot.

I'm off the hospital to make fun of him, now that I know he's going to be okay!

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