Monday, July 04, 2005

I got the scare of me life!!

I went grocery shopping on Thursday before the long weekend. When I came home, I decided not to let the dog out right away, because I wanted to pick up all her TOYS on the lawn before I mowed it...and if I let her out she thinks it's a big play time and keeps bringing them back. I went into the shed and took out the lawn mower. As I was pulling it back into the yard, I noticed something yellow on the far side of the yard just underneath an old overgrown apple tree. I starting walking towards it, not really thinking, but just curious, and as I got closer it could see it was a chain saw...hmmm I was thinking Gord finally bought a chain saw for our jungle..but before I could get all my thoughts together...A MAN WALKED OUT FROM THE UNDERBRUSH..towards me. I freaked. All my brain could comprehend was "CHAIN SAW/BIG MAN DRESSED IN BLACK." I backed up so quickly I caught my leg on the mower an damn near did a "face plant"...He picked up the chain saw and started walking towards me...and was talking to me...but all I could hear was a roaring in my ears and panic. Finally after what seemed an eternity, he yelled, I am Earl's friend from next door. Okay, I was thinking, I know Earl, but who the fuck are you? I didn't say anything. I had myself positioned behind the lawnmower in case he got any closer so I could put some distance between us. He kept on getting closer, and was apologizing for scaring me, and said my husband had told our neighbour Earl, that he could trim the trees that were hanging over his property, and Earl had asked him to do it because he had a chain saw. I said ..why are you on my property? I would assume you would be taking the branches off from the other side of the fence!..Shit head. He explained that they were too big and he wanted to make a nice job of it....and he "raped" two of my trees the MOFO. He had everything cut right to the limit. I was so friggin pissed at him. I just told him, to finish up and I would be talking to "Earl" about this.

That guy would have been absolute "toast" if I had let out my dog to begin with..she don't take lightly to strangers.

Apparently the neigbours went on holiday before I could approach them on this, but this is such total "balonie"...I am so pissed. My naturally blonde hairs turned grey in a micro-second.

When Gord got home, I asked him if he had given permission for the neighbours to cut our trees. He said, he couldn't remember doing that. He said he had talked to Earl a week back or so, and they had just made small talk over the fence.

The real shitter is, it was just a few branches...cut them off from your side of the fence..we don't care...but do not come on my property!!!..and scare the bejeesus outta me.

So when Earl comes home..we will have a talk. I hate shit like that. We are good neighbours, but we don't make friends with all of them. We wave "hello" etc., make small talk etc. We mostly stay to ourselves, because Gord is in the Appliance business, and guess who is your biggest friend when their washer, dryer, fridge, stove, etc. goes...Your neighbour...who wants it done for nothing, BECAUSE he is now your new best friend. We have gone through this for 30 years, everywhere we live, once they know he is an appliance repair guy...they want a piece of him. It's terrible, and he's a guy that can't say no!! So, when we moved here, we decided we would would stay to ourselves, and if there were some people we could trust, we would socialize with them. So far there is two...and we help each other with a lot of things, it's not just a one way street. So Earl...take cover...balonie needs a word with you!!

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