Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Long Week-end is over


I was getting used to sleeping in until 10:00AM.

The week-end was pretty unproductive, unless you count Friday, when I pretty well finished my pond. And now I'm not too sure I like what I have done. You know the old saying in interior design "buy your carpet first, then your furniture." Well, what I did with my garden was, I bought the furniture (the pond, plants etc.) first and then laid down the carpet (chipped bark). It look kinda weird. The bark is a cedar colour and it takes away from the colours of the plants. It almost makes them look washed out. When the background was just black earth, they stood out. Now they look like weeds..ahhhh me oh my!! Well, I guess it doesn't matter much anymore, because the mosquito population has just reached record numbers with all the rain, and I can't even go into the garden without getting one of those little bastard stinging my ass!

Yesterday we went to my "hippy chick friend's" B.Day partaay. I got her a gift, PLUS the FART JAR! LOL...I made her open that first in front of all her friends and such...and she read the label aloud, rolled her eyeballs at me..and said...ONLY Joan would do this!!! HA. She thanked me later because we had Chicken Wings and BEANS for supper. I'm pretty dang sure it's all filled up by now. Okay, this will be the last time I talk about Fart Jars...I think I have milked for all it was worth ..and more..sorry Phyllis.

We had a great party at her house. She is so talented. She has taken a post war house in the inner city and made it a beautiful home. She took a carpentry course about three years ago (and I laughed)..but she has build a huge deck, a water feature, a beautiful garden with wooden arches...I don't know where she gets the energy! She has installed (hardwood flooring) thru out her house..BY HERSELF..Lordy.

The guests were great too, we see them every year, only at her birthday. She is an advocate for people seeking immigration to Canada and she has made so many friends of different origins over the past 10 years. I counted last night and we had such a diverse group of people all getting together to celebrate her birthday. Just a short list: Kenya, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, France, China and New York (LOL).. he is her boss, I just love his accent. It was such a melting pot. We all meet each year at her birthday and pick up where we left off the year before. People were speaking Spanish, French, English, Chinese, Mennonite, and New Yorkese. Usually we all speak English, but is so interesting to hear them converse, between themselves a little at a time in their own tongue.

I have been playing around with my blog a little today, trying to put in new "people I read", and just after spending 1/2 an hour putting in thestupid href's and >< shit..Norton come up and tells me to quit other words there was not enough memory for the both of us..I'd don't know..So I took a quick stab at previewing it, but they were not there, now I have to go thru the whole shit again...href's and all. I would like to meet that guy one day. Excuse me, Mr. Href, I don't think we speakee the same language. You have to adorn yourself with all that fancydancy <<>> shit. If I ever meet you out on the street, I will kick your sorry butt into cyberspace...(oops sorry that is where you live)..okay then.

I keep having alerts going off on my comptuter that a Trojan Horse..named Deep Throat, wants to meet my computer. I would like a piece out of that prick!!..

On that note, I'm heading off for some late supper...Barbecued chicken breasts with wild rice and some salad.

Just a little pic of some of the partaay people yesterday.

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