Saturday, July 23, 2005

I need a little respect ya know

I asked Gord, very nicely, to take a picture of me for my blog. I am getting tired of Cartman taking off his pants up there in the right hand corner. He was more than delighted, which should have given me my first clue. We went down into the living room and he told me where I should be standing etc. (and all the while he was laughing, but I didn't catch on). At the best of times he's a little verklapsed in the head. He took 5 pictures of me standing here, then there, then over there..etc. directing me all the while Then he said he had to go and do a service call which he was already late for. Boom, he was gone. He was still chuckling when he left.

I took the camera to my computer and started to unload them. Well, for the loveofthatshithead, he had guided me all around the room where there was something directly above me head. I have pictures on top of my head, a pointy wall plaque, a plant and one very disturbing one....A LAMPSHADE!! Does he know me ..or what!! I was on the cell so fast!! When he answered and heard it was me...he was still laughing, stupid bugger.

Just look at this, I have a lampshade on my head, and I wasn't even drinking. Of course I have my usual hoodie on too.

I think this is grounds for divorce.

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