Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I stopped at Value Village on my way home from work

...and now I have cooties.

I did a little layover at the thrift shop on my way home to see if they had any "tops" as I likes to call them. You see all my "tops" seem to have got a little shorter this year, and are not covering my big frigging tummy. Something on my upper end has enlarged, making my "tops" ride up jest a bit. Oh yeah! So, it seems I have this bulge showing below my waist. I spent about an hour going over other peoples rejects, finding nothing but polyester striped golf shirts. You see, I only need these type of shirts for about two days a year because it will get cold again, and kerplunk..its over rover. I tried on 4 "tops" that I might have considered wearing (in the house) not to work. The first one was a bright yellow, which made me look like I had the Asian flu, and lost. The second one was baby poo green, and it was made for a way bigger gal than me, it sort of flared at the bottom..was I in the maternity section perhaps?..I dunno. The third was purple, and it obviously needed a red hat to go with it, to join some old red hat ladies society. The forth and final.. was denim.. now that was more like it..but guess what....it had cooties.. I was itching, scratching and sneezing after I tried it on, but it was pretty...but it had cooties I am sure. I left in the dressing room floor, picked up my flip flops and made a bee line for the door.

That will teach me for being cheap. I went home and had a shower.

I have a major problem with "tops", I have to have a hoodie..yeah I know it sounds weird, but I need a hoodie on anything I wear on TOP. I never put the hood up, I just like it to be there. Mental huh? I must have 35 sweatshirts, T-shirts etc...and they all have hoods. Today I was looking for something lighter, and hoodless. No such luck. So, I will have to wear my old crappy worn out T shirts for the rest of the summer (okay 4 days).


On another note, my playful manner has got me into a wee bit of trouble. Last Monday Gord asked one of his customers to drop of $60.00 cash at my office for a service call he had done for the guy. Gord wasn't going to be in his office, which is right next to the office I work. It seemed like a good idea. hmmmmm. Anyway, the guy came in and introduced himself and asked if I was Joan and could he drop off the money. I said yes, I was expecting him, and we exchanged pleasantries, and he gave me the $60.00 bucks. As he was going out the door, I said to him laughingly "you don't expect that I will actually give this money to my husband, I'm going to keep it!" I am such a laugh a minute. And then we all laughed again HA HA..and I put the money in my purse, thinking I would drop it off at his office later.

Yesterday, Gord asked me if the guy ever came in to pay for his bill. I froze...fortheloveofsixtybucks...where did I put it? I tore my purse apart. No money, anywhere. Okay then.

I remembered I folded the three twenty dollar bills and put them in a little zippered section on the outside of my purse where I keep my car keys. I checked the section...no I tore the section apart.. Geez Louise...it was gone. At one time or another I must have taken my keys out of that section and the money fell out. Usually I stop at the grocery store on the way home, and always take my keys out at the cashiers station, ...yes, because I am anal..I like to be ready with my keys and then gather up my groceries and have the remote ready to open the door of my van in the parking lot. I guess it might have fallen out of my purse then. I was so mortified. Gord works so hard for his money, and I go and loose it!! Colour me shit. He totally understood it was a mistake, but I still feel like a glob of turkey intestines.

Well, I am finally getting back to normal. I'm starting to work on my family vacation blog, a little slow going, but I'll get her done.

Later gators!!

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