Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bebby bro is home

i just talked to him..he's home safe and sound. He managed a little walk this afternoon..which he should so have not done..it starts already...I feel sooo sorry form my SIL who will now be monitoring him day and night.

Garry was a nut case last night when I saw him in the ICU...he just wanted out..and I can't blame him, because the ICU in not a good place to be..no windows, no nothing for 7 straight days..and he had only the nurses to chat up...which he did at length ..he thinks he's a charmer..and he is. I was always the shy one in the family (yes I am..and still am if I don't know the company I am in). If I was ever to meet any internet friends I think I would have to take a huge dose of mind altering drugs..cause I gets a little afraid. That's why I love to blog, I don't have to visit..one on one, that makes the balonie a leetle nervous...and they might want to hug me fortheloveofmike...I'm so stupid.

Anyhow, for now either the worst is over, or about to start...I don't like heart related issues. I'm more about paper cuts, much safer. I'm crossing my fingers and my toes..he takes him med's as prescribed, takes it easy, manages his diabetes..which I think is part of the whole problem. I don't think he realizes how important that is.

Unless anything else comes up..I hope I can start talking about something else for shits sake..I'm tired of this crap and if anyone is listening I am sure you are too.

BTW.. my pond looks like shit...I can't even get near it in the garden, the mosquitoes are sooooo bad!! On the far side of the garden I have a whole row of raspberry bushes that are ripe. I tried to pick a few today, but got bombarded by those little fuckers....

Okay, guess I will have a little ice-cream cup and hit the hay.

Just a note to SK..Iffn you be reading this..I couldn't put a comment in your blog today, but I hope your bidness picks up. Gord has been having the same problem since July 1st. ..everyone leaves the city for the lake or beyond for holiday. He was getting a little worried, but slowly its coming back. Being your own boss has it's ups and downs I tell ya. Like the bank manager cares..ummpph

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