Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I don't know what it is with blogger

I have tried unsuccessfully to take Cartmans big ass off my profile. I put up a nice butterfly animation...and Cartman is still there. Damn you Cartman, you have now infiltrated me blog..move on..moon someone else, you freak.

Did you guys hear that the US is going to make daylite savings time longer..until November sometime?...And the Canadian Government will follow suit!! Well Jeez Louisa!...I don't like that one teenie tiny bit. It will mean I will have to get up in the dark to go to work, and even if we do have some daylight when I get home I will be putting on my lights anyway because it will be dusk. This is supposed to be a energy cost saver..paleese.. Correct me if I am wrong. I hate daylite savings time at the best of times...it puts me all outta whack. I can't imagine what it does to the little tots when there whole day and bedtimes get all screwed up.

Well, that's me little rant for the night.

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