Friday, July 15, 2005

I know..I have been a no show

I am trying to get caught up after last weeks fiasco...I have left everything for this weekend..and ya know how that goes.

I still have not been able to get into my garden and pond to play with all my ugly garden gnomes,because of, yes you know..Mr. Mosquito. Well, by this time tomorrow, they will all be dead...yes dead..dead as doorknobs..dead. And I will not attend their funeral. The city is spraying our area tonight. I cannot take much more of this, I tried to sit out on the deck and do stuff in the yard, but there are droves of them blood sucking purple people eaters...everywhere. I was reminded of my friend Janis's B.Day two weeks ago, when one of her hippy friends, said.. "I could never kill anything..Not even a mosquito." Some nay sayers questioned her very stupid remark, and asked.."what do you do when a mosquito bites you?"..she cocked her pretty little old head, and said, I just shooo them away. Well gosh and by golly. If my girlfriend wouldn't have had me in a head lock, I would have spit in her vegetarian chip dip.

Last night the "City" announced that spraying the city would be happening this weekend...with no exceptions. They used to let people have a boundary around their property as a spray zone. So, sure as hell, all the berkenstocker lunatics came out trying to block the city trucks from getting out of their compound to do the spraying. They were wearing gear only seen in Iraq..huge breathing apparatuses.. Lordy. The police had to ask them to either leave the city on the night of the spraying, or take a ride in their squad car..

God, just give me a few days of our short summer to go out and enjoy my deck and my garden! Of course a friend of mine emailed me yesterday from BC and said .."we never see a mosquito here"...I hate her. I hate anyone who has moved from Manitoba to a mosquito free zone, and shove it in my face..nevermind the winter crap they try to shove up my butt too. I love it here..I only wish to visit your mosquito free zones when it suit me fancy. Got it?

After work today I went to Superstore to return an impulse purchase. I lost my watch two weeks ago, and could not find it anywhere. It was just an old cheapie, but I liked it. So I went to SS and bought a new one..awww she was a pretty thing, nice and feminine looking an all..not like my old industrial one I had. After the weekend I had lost it, I found it!!..I had taken it off and put it on the counter at work on Friday when I was washing up ALL THE DIRTY CUPS IN THE SINK. Opps, did I sound a little mad, well yeah...If I don't do it, they would all be dead from some kind of cup poisoning. Okay, I found my watch. So, it took me until today to return that beautiful watch. whaa.. I just couldn't justify keepin it. anywho.

I pulled into SS with my big horking van..people were scattering like bugs..they don't mess with this sucker. I knew from the moment I walked down the sidewalk and encountered their discount plant center I was in trouble. Hey, its the middle of July and all the perennials are on sale. Most of them looked like someone had pissed on them, but for 1.50, I can fix that. Usually most are 10.00 bucks at the beginning of the season.

I immediately came across some prairie grasses, which really interest me because of my pond. I was just touching all of them, caressing their long leaves and such, when a Filipino lady came up beside me, and started asking me question about perennial plants. She was so cute, and so short. She said.."do you know bout such plants that grow next year?".. I said I knew a few things. She said.. "I likes to easier gardening..I don't like to alvays go plant same stuff over and over". I pointed out the grasses, but she more interested in some other half dead ones..She asked over and over.."will dees grow for me, an will dees have flowers?"..I explained I had no idea what they were, but for a 1.50 go for it. As I was leaving she mentioned the friggin mosquitoes..."thems bad.. always gettin in mys nose"......yeah in mines too I said.

So it goes in the prairies, but by next week we should be over it if it doesn't rain anymore..and if it does...piss on it, but I would really like to be sitting on my beautiful deck overlooking my half finished pond. It will come. I love fall, so by that time I will have it finished. I have booked my two weeks vacation for the fall to enjoy the fruits of my labour. Hey the balonie isn't that stupid..she knows summer in the city..ain't so pretty.

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