Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What's different between Manitoba and Vancouver?

They have rain, we don't. Well the world has waggled in a different direction. Last summer was one of the wettest, and this year seems to be going in the same direction. It seriously gives you a saddness with the relentless rain...I always loved rain, it makes me feel cozy and safe, and alieved me of my outside duties. But, as it goes on, I feel the need for a happy pill. I have all my plants sitting on the deck down on the patio waiting for my magic touch to bring them alive in new big pots and all, and they are still all squished up in their little old pots, and there is nuttin balonie can do.

My deck is all ready raring to go, just need the weather to let up. I have my "water fountain" plus two new plant stands that will be on each side of the deck. I love them, they are an oval shape and display the plants execelantely.. Just have to get up my deck rug...it's one of those indoor outdoor things I put on every year, because the dog gets her little claws stuck inbetween the spaces of the wood on the deck. That's pretty well a lie, the deck in ugly, the carpet covers it. Why do I always do that? shut up...I know

I bought a whole bunch of little knick nacks for my deck and my plant stands...Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hee hee cutes little buggers huh? got em at the dollar store..they are mine! so mine..

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