Sunday, May 21, 2006

brrrr baby..It's cold out here- 2 day post

The sweet temp's from April and early May have taken a turn. I was (in my dreams) going to do some work in my ugly garden. I didn't. Because it was cold, and the garden was ugly. I have decided to wait for more weeds to grow, I don't have enough of them yet to get off my ass and do something about it. I need a gardener and a pool boy. he he..

It's been a rough week, with the onset of yet the second cold. This one settled in my chest, and will not let me rest. But, last night I hit the hay at 9:30 PM and did not see the light of day till 11:00 AM this morning. My poor ribs, stomach, and arms they all ache from the coughing. It's like a work out! Last night was the best, so I guess I am getting over this fricking bug.

I took the dog out for a walk today. I know I said I wouldn't do that anymore, but the whole city has vanished, and motored on to one of our 10,000 lakes in the Province. Good luck for the one's that chose tenting. I'm thinking they will have a little frost on the ole pork and beans. If ya know what I mean.

Years ago, Gord and I tried the weekend Motorhoming shit, and before that I did the tenting stuff with my nephews and nieces when they were small. And lord, it was so much work, for such little fun. But if my memory serves me right, it was a lot of fun, it only seems like so much more work now.

When we bought our first used ..ooop's make that "previously owned" motorhome we were so excited. But we didn't go anywhere for about two weeks because we were so busy. We had pizza in it on Fridays on the driveway and pretended we were someplace else. And when we phoned for the pizza from the house, we would say....BRING IT THE THE MOTORHOME ON THE DRIVEWAY!! haa. It was kinda cool, we were bigshots!! The pizza guy even came in and had a drink with us. We had 10" Black and White TV in it. It had a little lounge area for having drinks etc. and a generator, sleeping quarters for 4 if you folded down the kitchen table, which slept two, and then there was the one up on top that was a double. Of course you had climb a little ladder to get up there. Iffin you had to go at night, it would be a lot less trouble to just piss out the window, because by the time you got down the ladder and into the bathroom, it was pretty well much over anyway. It had nice galley kitchen. It also had lovely rust coloured shag rug carpeting, bamboo blinds on all the windows, and a little teenie weenie, bathroom with a shower that you could fit a midget into.

On our first road trip, we met up with one of Gord's previous employers and his wife at a camp site about 30 minutes from the city. It was our maiden run. They were avid motorhomers, and they were going to show us the motorhoming ropes..such as they may be. We had a great time that weekend, schmoozing, drinking, barbecuing and having some laughs. But, it was pointed out to us by Mr. & Mrs. Avid Motorhome user, that a small dog, preferably a poodle dog was a MUST. They had a little black poodle..named ahem.."Blackie" who served as our entertainment the entire weekend, walking on his hind legs begging for steak. I looked at Gord, and then Gord looked back at me...and we said..we needs us a dog!!! It's a motorhome law! I reminded him of the two cats, budgie, and a trillion fishes at home, and he said...what good are they, if you can't take them MOTORHOMING! WE NEED A DOG! We quickly got caught up in the excitement of motorhoming.

But on our way home that night after all the laughs,drinking and dog watching stuff was over, the transmission bombed out of our previously owned motorhome half the way home. Motorhoming was not looking that good to us anymore. uh uh.. We got it home, and the next day Gord took it for an estimate, and it was supposed to cost 1,000.00 to fix it. Fudgearoonie!! We had only had it for three pizza Fridays. The clouds rolled in. roarrrr

So, it was a toss we just keep it in the driveway for our Friday nite pizza nights, or do we fix it and get a poodle?

We fixed it, and got a poodle. It didn't happen that fast, but pretty close. After it was repaired we went out with this couple several times again to different camp sites, and had a great time. Then one day.... I bought a poodle from a farmer near the city. He was a poodle farmer. He grew poodles. I brought this 7 week old fat bundle of joy home one Friday after work. Gord didn't know I had gone out to the poodle farm, so he was very surprised to see this piece of fluff in the kitchen sink when he got home. I had to give her a bath because she had a few "kling on's" on her backside that needed some attention. It was pretty well love at first sight for the both of us. We named her Munchie, as it soon became apparent, eating was her best trick. Plus, we had a motorhome dog. Now finally we would fit into the Caravan community.

We had a great time in that motorhome, but after awhile, time was too short, Gord's business was just taking off and my job was very time consuming. So, we eventually sold it. We bought another bigger one several years later, but it was never the same. We desperately tried to make time during the weekends and always took my parents with us to some campsite close to the city, and we did have a good time, but it took it's toll. Poor little Munchie, she could never figure out where her favourite "ride" went to. You didn't dare say "motorhome" around here, she went ballistic. After that I rented a cottage with my parents every summer for a week, and we took her with us. She loved it.

One day I will tell you the story on how my sweet Munchie saved me from selfish ways. I don't know where I would be today if I hadn't met her on that poodle farm.

I forgot to tell youse guys about my Sunday Supper:

Count them 2 - racks of baby back ribs, smothered in my secret sweet and sour barbeque sauce ... baked to perfection.
..Fluffy rice ( I maintain white rice is the best for this dish ) some would prefer brown. Don't matter.
.. Along with a crispy, lettuce salad with tomatoes, green onions and peppers, with the dressing of your choice. My choice was "Ranch Light"..

Bring it all the table, along with 454 paper towels to take the sticky stuff off your face and hands.

It's all good after that.

Tonight is the last day of the long weekend. I didn't get much accomplished other than the laundry and house cleaning. I did however revamp my office yesteday, so now at least I know where everything is.

All my neighbor's are fretting over there gardens, planting whatever..Poodle's for all I know. The guy next door built a huge pond, it makes mine look like a postage stamp. I hate him. He saw my idea and ran with it. He has boulders the size of a small SUV surrounding it, plus a Waterfall. I only have a ..(sigh) a mole hill, with a pump the size of a fish tank. I think he has a unit that could power Niagara Falls attached to his pond.

It's okay, my little pond has so much stink in it right now, from all the decaying leaves, I have decided to pour a few pails full on his side of the fence. He will be wondering why his pond has got so quick. HAAA..

I am running on here, only because I am feeling better, so I should quit while I am ahead..if I am?

Monday nite long weekend supper:

Pork Roast..and it's a good one I tells ya
New Potatoes with the skins still attached
Broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower....not necessarily in that order.

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