Sunday, May 14, 2006

I baked a cherry pie billy boy..

Sunday night supper:

Roasted chicken
Aspargus...again...this time I put carrots in with it.
Potatoes and gravy

I didn't like the potatoes, they had a what I like to say as " a basement taste to them". And the gravy was nothing to rave about. The pie..looked good..but not as good as my mom's..and that is what I was trying to do. The crust looks good, but it tasted like ...I don't know...bicycle tires?.. I'm thinking me tastes buds are tad off because Gord liked it all. But he would.:)

Mother's Day...a hard day. I woke up thinking about my mom, and I will go to bed the same way. I'm not even aware of it half the time, as I am cooking, playing with the dog, and just doing Sunday stuff. But it's like a video that goes through my mind all day. I remember what a great mother she was. Several times I caught myself getting transported back home, and recalled the time she started a "Canteen" as we used to call it at the Curling Rink. Her food was the best, and all the curlers loved her. She would always have a big pot of cabbage beef borsht, sloppy joes, and lot's of hot coffee to warm the curler's when they got off the ice, plus her homemade pies for dessert. We were so proud of her, because she had started a little business of her own. Plus, my bro and I, liked going over there and scoff some free stuff. I remember her telling us ..over and over.. it's for the customer's and if you eat it all, I won't make any money!!

She did that for about three years, then finally dad figured out that all the effort was not worth the small profit, so she gave it up. I think she was a little sad, because she loved nothing more than people complimenting her on her food.

As I think back, Mom, didn't have a whole lot of self esteem. She had to go to work as a housemaid at the age of 14, to help the family in the "dirtie 30's". My grandpa could not keep the farm going anymore, so the kid's had to get out there and help out. She worked for the "rich" people in neighbouring communities that had enough money to overcome the blight of the 30's.

She was a young 14 year old mennonite girl, who was sent to work on a farm that was owned by a Jewish immigrants. She only had one day off a week, and that was Sunday. The people she worked for, were so foreign to her. I remember her telling me how she had to make sure everything in the house of kosher. The washing of the dishes, food etc. It was like she landed on a different planet.

You see at this time, in our town, the Mennonites were not supposed have any business holdings, it was deemed greedy, and against what God wanted for them. Mennonites could only be farmers. PERIOD. Then the Jewish people came in and established stores, doctors, mills, etc. The mennonites, sat in awe. Finally, one day some mennonite ( who didn't mind getting kicked out the church)..hey, I'm starting my own busniss here...ching ching. and the rest is history. Finally, it was not a sin to make money...thank you jebus.

I digress. Mom worked for them until she was 18, and then got a different jobs on many more farms, till she married dad.

She always carried some baggage from the past. What I remember the most, is her pleading with me, not to be taken in with friends that would "use" me. She could not tell me that enough. She was always so mad at a friend I had that only came to our house when it was convenient to her. Of course I loved this girl, because she paid attention to me, and she was popular, and I wasn't. So, I guess Mom sensed that. I think something like that happened to her, and she didn't want me to be disappointed. I did it anyway. And she was right. Such is with Mother and Daughter.

Here is my mom when I thought she was old..but she was young...a grew giant tomatoes!!

I bought a single pink rose today, and placed it on their gravestone (mom an dad have a combined one) and sat for awhile reminising with them. The tears flowed.

Sometimes, it good to get that stuff out that builds up all year round. I think I'm good to go until next year now.

I took some pics today of the blossoms on my apple tree. The white blossoms are those that produce huge apples, the pink blossoms only produce little ornimental apples, that drop in fall, and piss me off.

If you double click on them, you get to see the big picture.

Okay...I did a few Penny pic's in her fav bushes..

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