Thursday, May 04, 2006

Days gone by

I'm trying not to talk about the weather. So I won't. Okay, it snowed a little day. Over and out.

..And it's cold.

I'm done.

Except, ahhh I hope it stays cold, because Gord just bought his motorcycle license for the season. That means I get to worry every Saturday when he and his bro go on a road trip.

I should have had kids, I am an expert at worrying. I would have done them proud. I have so much quilt to thrust upon unsuspecting souls, and they would have to take the my worring skills to heart. Look at what they missed. Now, it is all for not. Dogs only feel guilty for about two seconds when you give them a talking too, that is not enough for me. I want some LONG TERM GUILT when I get cranky. Joaniebaloniecrankypants ..says.

Just like my mom did. It was always:

Mom: Wait till you have kids! (that was when I was a bad ass) which was, ahem..a lot of the time.

Mom: Your friends are using you...don't hang around with them.
My reply: You just don't understand me, and you hate everyone I like, even though they are using me. MOM!

Mom: You have your father tied around your little finger and get anything you want.
My reply: I'm sorry, I need the "School Ring" and the "School Jacket" to be cool, EVERYONE ELSE HAS ONE! ...then some tears.

Mom: If your grades don't improve, you can't have the car.
My reply: Lets just ask Dad about that! can see where I'm going here.

Joan: Dad, can I have the car Friday night?
Dad: Sure, but you have to put in the gas.
Joan: Okay.
Joan: ring..ring..I phone my friend (Janis) hippy chick who lived on a farm near our town and got "purple gas" as they called then from their farm equipment stash. Farmers were allowed to have cheap gas, and it was colored purple so the cops would know if there were using it for anything else than farm equipment.

I was a devious little brat.

Mom: NO, you can't have any new clothes, you already have wanted and bought most of the Sears catalogue!! No more!

Joan: BUT..but I need this and that....the list goes on.

Mom: I have to wear these house dresses all day and every day, and you want to have new pants (we didn't wear jeans to school in those days) and new tops, we can't afford it!

Joan: I hate you! I'm going to ask dad.

Mom: I won't help, you got your clothes allowance at the start of the school year and you will have to wait until next year.

Joan: Well, I guess I will just have to run away!!

Mom: Go ahead...

Joan: Well, I will!

Mom: Make sure you take your School Jacket and you ring with you.

Joan: I WILL!! hmufffffffff

Mom: Well, see you again, when you want to come back. I hope someone will feed you and take care of you.

Joan: I don't need food!

Mom: Ohhh, don't you? Okay, then GO!

Joan: I would, but I have an exam tomorrow, but I will go after that.

Mom: Good, until then, you can stay here, but after that you have to leave.

Joan: Ahhhhhh but I have cheerleading practice on Monday, and on Thursday we have a basketball game.

Mom: So, do you still want to leave?

Joan: Maybe not. But I still want that pair of Capri's I saw in the Sear's catalogue.

Mom: Don't even start with that again.

Joan: So, can we have homemade apple pie tonight?

We as kids dink around with our parents once we get our sea legs, don't we? At least I did. I think especially when we are around the age of 3 when most kids figure out their limits. I read of lot of Mom blogs, and can see myself in some of them. And then it happens again when we turn teenagers and it starts all over again. Testing out the limits.

I am older now, but I don't think it changes much, except the limits the new moms put on the kids compared to mine. We got a "lickin" they get time out...which is better I don't know? My lickins were a smack on the bum, and sent off to bed. It didn't really hurt physically, but it hurt me, knowing my daddy or mommy was so mad at me. I learned to do different from that. I was never beat up or anything, it was a smack on the ass!! It's puts a little respect on a situation. But, there might be those that carry it on a little to far. So, I won't even get into that.

I started my blog without anything to say...and look what I said..

My mind has been on me daddy a lot these days, as he died May 2nd. 1996, so I think I've been trying to go home again.. Love you were best!! And thanks for the ring and school jacket, even though you had to get some flack from mom...I have never forgotten.

Love Joan

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