Sunday, May 28, 2006

I am a Party Animal

The setting may seem strange, but we went to Gord's Tante Tina's 90th birthday party last night. This would be the first time all her children and grandkids have got together for over 10 years. The flew from far and wide for the occasion.

Let me tell you a little about my adopted Tante Tina. She is a woman who never quits, and her age never seems to get in the way. She has the best sense of humour of anyone I know of that is close to MY age. She was born on a farm and was sent out to her aunt's home after her mother died, along with Gordon's dad and another sibling Reinhold, at a early age. Those were tough times, their dad couldn't take care of all of them, and kept a few and send the rest out. It was rough going, but they all survived. After Tante met Herman a local farmer, they married and had three children, Bernice, Jane, and Donna. Donna was the love child, she was born 10 years later the rest of them.

She lost her beloved husband Herman in 1984, and was left to her own devices after that. By the way, Herman could put me on the floor laughing just by looking at his face when he said something. He was such a hoot. They were such a good pair.

Tante, always comes to our house for Christmas for dinner. She is the belle of the ball, because we have almost run out of elders in the family, and she would sit and regale stories of old all night...along with some rum, and couple of "Old Bailey's Irish Creme's in her belly. She is the heart of our family.

Last night I got to meet her girls again, after 30 some odd years. I hung around with Jane when I was young, but Bernice was a little older than me, and Donna was too young so we didn't have all that much in common. WELL, IF I DIDN'T LAUGH MY ASS OFF ..NOBODY DID!! They are the spitting image of each other, and they have the their parents sense of humour...I will love them forever now. And... I think they liked me a little too.

Bernice's house was just alive with children, teenagers, young adults, and the over 40 crowd. We were drinking, reminiscing, and eating a shit load of food they had made. Tante, wouldn't get off my back. I guess about 10 year's ago Gord told me when they grew up they always called her Tante. So ever since then, I have called her Tante. When I first called her that, her eye's lit up, and she gave me a hug. She was so honoured! So, over the years I have consistently, called her Tante along with card's, phone calls etc.

When we got to Bernice's house yesterday, I came bearing gifts of flowers and such, and one of my homemade cards, which she has grown to expect ..with her name personalized in front "Happy Birthday Tante Tina"....... Well, this time you would have thought I had given her a million bucks, she went and showed it to all her kids, grandchildren, and everyone else that would listen. She just loves being called Tante. It made me feel so good.

After we all had a wonderful buffet dinner with barbequed roast beef,pork roast, scalloped taters, pasta salad, coleslaw, and the best meatballs I evar tasted.

Melissa, her grandchild,(with 4 kids) decided we should do Karokee. She went uptown and rented a machine, and then the party was on. I didn't sing. NO. About 10PM Melissa suggested that her kids get on the street, and show everyone the chorography of the play they will be in this coming summer at "Rainbow Stage." Her son went out and put the lights on a car down the street, and kids came out and did there stuff. She had everything recorded on a CD player, and she just blasted it. It was amazing. They were doing cartwheels, dancing, and doing their show.

All of a sudden the youngest came in and said.."mom, the police are here"..oh oh...maybe a neighbour complained about the loud music? So the cruiser car approached, and then she, along with 20 grandkids trailing behind her went out to explain what was going on. oyvey.

The police apparantly were not concerned by the kids doing there little play on the street, but they had got a call from someone that there was two weird guys in the park behind their house. Then when they drove up on the street and saw the kid's they stopped and asked questions.

Okay, you won't believe what happened next. The kids, who apparently love cops, told them it was their great grandma's 90th birthday, and that is why they were all playing in the street. Nothing like sending the youngin's in traffic huh?

The police, being in a generous mood, decided they wanted to meet the birthday girl. HA.. So Bernice, and her daughter invited these two big burley officers ( I wanted to bite one of them grr) in to meet Tante. Check this out..Tante, plays dumb, she gets into a submissive position, and says "officers, I am just an old lady, don't take me jail"..HAAAAAAAAAAAA...oh me Tante!! I'm still laughing...the officer told her she was off the hook this time, but they could be bought with Birthday Cake!! Lord, she startedjoking with them and wouldn't stop. Jane, her other daughter thought it might be fun to show the police her birthday candles that she had blown out earlier in the evening, that nearly caught the house on fire. There was ninty or so candles in a small container, torched with one of those barbeque starter thingies.

After all the small children were consoled and told that great gramma wasn't going to jail, we bade farewell to the occifers:) The whole family is so funny, or maybe crazy, I don't know, but I seem to fit in.

Our Tante, has been to at least 3.. count them 3 90th. parties this last week. She just keeps on ticking...Her brother is 96, and was not feeling well enough to attend yesterday. She is such a vibrant woman... when I grow up I want to be like her. I haven't even touched the surface of her life, but maybe if I have time one day I will.

I didn't have any pictures, because I FORGOT my camera at their house, but Gord just went and picked it here they are. Blogger be willing.

Tanta blowing out the Olympic torch

Her 3 daughers that threw the party...the on the right had just flew from Calgary and had jet lag...yep..that was her excuse...two hour difference? ..LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE DONNA.

Tante giving her great grand daughter a hug.

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