Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Homemade Meme

I am blogefarted. My head, she is empty. I need a meme to fill the void. But I don't have one. Okay then, I will make one up. Is there an actual meme internet person who makes them up?..or can I as a laymemeperson, just do it myself? Dare me. Okay, dare me again! Okay, you talked me into it. I just made this up, so let me get a glass of wine (which increases my creativity and spelling errors). balonie: (Joan's outside picking nitts off the dog.)Shhhh or was that tits off the dog..I don't know.

After you answer all the questions, I will give you a personality rating of my very own..don't be scared..I won't hurtsyou.

If you want to do this just put it on my pressure...I won't be jumping off any cliffs if you don't do it..

1.) Which animal in the zoo, would you like most to watch procreating?

a. Monkey
b. Elephant
c. Polar Bears
d. Peacocks ..he he

2.) If you have a driveway, how would you like it look like:

a. Paved
b. Gravel
c. Winding muddy trail
d. None of the above

3.) If you could talk to the "Google Gods" which of these questions would you ask them:

a. WTF where is my blog?
b. Are you Amish?
c. Who is the graphic artist that does the "Google" logo?
d. Thanks for the free stuff

4.) On Mother's Day will you:

a. Send her a card
b. Visit her gravesite
c. Go for brunch
d. Turn off your answering machine

5.) American Idol

a. Will you watch it
b. Will you really get into it
c. Do you really care who wins
d. Are you lonely

6.) If you open yer big yap and say something you:

a. Keep on talking..hoping no one heard
b. Catch yourself and backtrack
c. Apologize and go on
d. Puke in your purse

7.) If you think about sending inappropriate emails to someone you are mad at:

a. Do you simmer down first and think it over
b. Do you go to the fridge and look for a beer
c. Do you shoot off the email, before your brain engages
d. Calm down, and go the internet and order and bunch of stuff you can't afford.

8.) If you laugh, and accidentally wet your you

a. Kinda squish your legs together and hope nuttin dribbles
b. Whip out a "depends"..and bee-line it to the can
c. Calmly tell those around you, that this a natural thing when you are over 50
and apologize for getting some of it on their shoes.
d. Fling yourself off a cliff

9.) ..are you getting tired of this yet? Just a few me...
When someone points out to you that you have a few stray hairs on your you:

a. Run to the bathroom, and get out the magnifying mirror, to see how you missed it.
b. Take a spade, and chop off their private parts
c. Train your pets to gnaw them hairs off at night
d. Apply to the nearest Zoo.

10.) If you run out of toilet paper:

a. Do you use Kleenex
b. If there isn't any Kleenex in the bathroom, do you run to the kitchen and get some paper towels
c. Did you dribble
d. Did anyone see you
note: God, I hope you didn't try to flush the paper towels down.

11.) Last one... If you are doing the dirty deed and the dog/cat/child jumps up on the bed you:

a. Kick their ass off the bed
b. Jump up and pretend you were just wrestling..and start singing Kung Fu Fighting
c. Ignore it
d. Or pretend you live in a zoo!!

That's all folks!! Give me you answers, and I will tell you what kind of personality you have.

This is no gimmick...It's all me... not like those Yahoo personality tests, you have the real thing here.

Don't be shy.
Joanie balonie

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