Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday supper again!!

I have a kink in my neck,
And when I turn my head
I wish I was dead
I am a moran
Cause I slept in till noon
Way past my time to get up
And that just sucks...

I am trying not the rhyme anymore, and I think I was successful. "nurse hold the med's."

I was just watching one of my favorite movies of all time. And, if you know me, I never watch movies, so it's a short list. It is called Crush. I have watched it twice this weekend ...again. I think that put's me a "groupie status." I don't know what compels me to watch it over and over. I see something I missed the first and second and third time. It's a chick flick, nuff said. Plus the guy looks like James Dean......lord. Takes me back.

Sunday night supper:

Roast beef
Baked potatoes ..sour cream..bacon bits and chives
asparagus..again...I forgot how much I loved it and am eating it every chance I gets.

Gord is happier than a pig in shit. He and his bro went riding on their bikes yesterday afternoon. He works so hard all year round, and this is his one love, to take off Saturday around 3:00 PM and cruise. It's called his vacation. He got up Saturday morning all perky. No grumbling. Did a few service calls and got back here around 2:00 PM, and then went and washed the bike. WITH A BIG SMILE ON HIS FACE. And took off for the ride. How, could I try to piss in his cornflakes...he loves it so much. All I said before he left was: Clean your helmet, don't drive too fast, if it rains, pull into the nearest town, don't pass any semi trucks, make sure the zipper in leather chaps doesn't open up, put on little chap stick on, (wind you know), don't' forget to fill up your gas tank, .... and then he decked me!!! Okay, I get it, you are not my child..well you are sort a ersatz kind of way. He he didn't deck me..but if I was him, I would have "tripped" me ..or something!
I'm such a beotch.

It rained the latter half of the afternoon, just in time for Queen Penny's walk. She has since retired to her bedroom with the "vapours." I have never had a dog before that can put so much guilt on you if you don't meet the time requirement of the dog stuff she wants to do..with her eyes..and with her actions. She goes into depressed mode.

But, it is with much sadness, I have to report, she can no longer go on walks with me in our neighborhood. She has, in the last three weeks attacked other dogs, and last Sunday a girl who was sitting at a bus stop. This started last year, bit by bit, and it has now escalated to the point I have to do something or she will hurt someone. She is a gentle loving dog at home, but once out of the house, she is goes into some kind of protective mode for me. I have to keep the public safe, and her. It's not something I like to do, but from now on, she cannot go for walks in our area. I will put her in my truck and take her out to where I work, where there are fields etc. to run and sniff. On the leash of course.

I don't know what else to do. This has been going on for awhile now and it's been getting worse. I will never put her down, but I will try to to keep everyone safe, and still get Penny the exercise she needs. And the love we get back from her.

My blog looks a little off..My "Talk to me"..looks like someone was swearing at it, and it took offense. Who did that?...or did I not pay blogger under the table this month? fudge.

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