Monday, May 29, 2006

Starting the week with some flatulence

I wasn't ready for Monday morning today. I pushed it aside 1456 times before I actually got up. I have been having those weird wake up calls again, to find that my clock is always eleven minutes after the hour. I was a little perplexed on Saturday, it happened three times ... I kid you not. 5:1lAM 6:11AM and 7:11AM. It's getting kind of scary. Or maybe I wake up so many times and only remember the minutes. This stopped happening about two months ago, but here it is again. And, oh yes, just when we were about to leave for Tante's party, I was getting dressed in the bedroom and I glanced at the clock, and it was 5:11PM. OY Ya Yoi..(don't know how to spell that, but you get the drift).

I am starting to work on my pond garden again. I bought two lovely cedar trees which I have not yet planted, BECAUSE the holes need to be dug sooo deep, and some exertion is required. That's not for me man. I got them on sale, and they can stay in the planter containers. If they die over the winter, I will be so blessed with the joy they have given me over the summer @ only $19.99/ea. Okay, already...I will plant them if you force me to. But my heart won't be in it! blah..

I know, Gord will shame me!! like he always does, when I get lazy. Who does he think he is anyway!! I will plant the suckers when I am good and damn well ready. The trees make me laugh. They have a beautiful shape sort of long and rounded, and it actually looks like EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, has been doing his magic on them. Here he is: my boy Edwardo doing hims bidness...

Shoot, it was only Angelman again. He doesn't have any scissorhands. However, I'm betting he has a few surprises under his "skort." He could probably "wing it, however." Hey, don't blame me for getting smutty tonight, Brenda sent me the best picture of a nakid guy eVar. But, for some reason I can't upload it to they have "smut rules?" Shame on them. "Give us old broads a chance"...damit. It was only a "bum" shot for heavens sake, not porn. bleh...Fortheloveofanicetoastybun...

Well, I'm off to finish last nights leftovers. I forgot to post My Sunday Night Supper last night because I was so high on beef fumes.

Roast Beef In a Different Manner than usual:

1 - Plump Round Roast
..Sprinkled generously with Hy's Seasoning Salt, and garlic powder.

Bake in a covered roaster for about 1.5 hours at 375 degrees.

Remove from roaster, and put on a plate and cut it into large pieces. Let it cool.

Now, cut it into nice small thin sliver sized pieces, put it all back in the roaster, along with the juices and add a package of Knorr Beef gravy mix and do as directed on the package. Damit. Bake it at 350 for about another hour. Or so. You can't kill this recipe. A little longer wouldn't hurt...just check it and see if it need a little more water if it's getting dry. I'ts on of those..who gives a shit recipes...and you still come up smelling like a rose when the company comes around.

Make the potatoes of your choice, mashed would be good.

Put the beef mixture over your taters, along with some fabo veggies ...and a meal fit for a queen named Elizabeth is made.

By damn it was delicious.. and tonight we are having toasty sammich buns filled with leftover beef and gravy...along with mixed veggies.

I surely hope I won't fart my face off like I did last night. Holy moly... that is one gassy could have been da beans.. I even scared the dog!!

We will just have to wait and see what happens tonight. No wonder I can't get a date.

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