Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I just noticed

My .."Who I read" list is ancient. Everytime I change my template I go into an old file and pick up ..well old shit and copy and paste it in my sidebar without really looking at it. I have to re-do it..It's on my to do list to rectify the error of my ways.

Today...Its like 90 degrees out there. Me, no likey. Nope. 20-21C is just fine with me, or I get cranky. Tonite ever more so, it was so hot playing with the dog, and then the big ole poplar tree decided to shed yet another batch of sticky glue. My toes are all stuck together, I'm walking like a little ole Chinese lady, but without the hat. Penny is laying on her back, because her underbrush is a mess of stickiness. If I try to help her take them off, she gives me the "teeth"...Her little mouth starts to quiver, and she wants to bite me in the worst way. But, she doesn't, she lays there with her mouth just a quivering. It hurts when I take them off her fur. So, what I have come up with is...I stick her big red ball in her chops, and grab a stickem.. And it's gone. She doesn't even yelp. I call it the surprise factor. I do this 10 times, and finally she catches on. I have to find a new game plan, because it will another week before the fricking tree stops dropping this shit.

Winter was so easy.

I don't have time tonight, but I was reminded by Mary Lou's post today about Crows..or Ravens as she calls them. Gord used to have a crow. They found a little baby crow on their yard in the country, and brought him in to his dad's service station. From there they nurtured him, and he became their pet. His name was Joe the Crow. Somehow this seems familiar, I may have posted something about this before, I should check my archives before I tell the story again, in a different way. That would make me look like a liar. But not really, as you grow older, and forget certain details, you start to embellish. You get it as close as you can without looking like a telleroflongtales. I loves this part of my life. I dare you to tell me I am repeating myself, and I will tell you I am only filling in the gaps I forgot before. It's a win win thing.

Somehow, I lost my mind in a brown paper bag in the 70's, trying to check in to see what my condition my condition was in. It happens. Goodbye Ruby Tuesday. Wednesday will be a better day.

Peace out.

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