Monday, May 08, 2006

Dell from hell, and the Robins again.

The Dell from hell. I'm getting very tired of waiting two point four hours for my desktop to show up anytime. That's what you get when you pay 359.00 dollars for a computer. I will never buy a cheapie again. Cheep cheep...I hear the birds yelling that in my ear every morning from my bedroom window...Joan, your cheep cheep, sumabitch.. I think it is the Robin who warbles that tune. Then, the crows start and start yelling..YOU ARE THE CHEAPEST BITCH IN THE VALLEY! Okay, I get it, quit cheeping at me. I have to close the window! They are my conscience. And they are so annoying.

Mr. and Mrs. Red Robin are, in their opinion making love calls at 5:45AM. In my opinion, they are way too horny for their own good. Get out there already, do the dirty deed, build the nest, and quit with the yelling.
I thought you guys were over that when you flew back into town a few blogs ago...not so.

Fortheloveofrobinsbobbingandstuff. You two Robins don't be trying to build a nest in my light fixture on the deck again. You know what happened the last time. I could have incubated your eggs if I would have left the light on at night. Mind you it would have left some free time for the Mrs. to go out and party. But, I'm thinking she's in the family way now. Okay, Rockin Robin..find yourself a nice tree, after all, we have an abundance of them, then look at us with disdain from a distance, and we will try to put up with you incessant YELLING. And, don't be dive bombing my dog if she gets too close to the nest, because next year I will put you on "my Robins short list of birds to shun" Got it Hopping Red Robin? I can't blame them, they just made a terrible life choice by coming in my back yard.

I love the hear the birds sing in the morning, but when they get to the screeching stage, I say..Shut the fuck up! I do! I know it's unseemly, but I hates it. I have to get up in the morning my fine feathered friends! It's no longer music to my ears, it's annoying. But! ..once 7:00 o'clock rolls around, they all seem to settle down and I AM WIDE AWAKE. Well jeez louise..I have another hour to kill..and can't go back to sleep..fudge.

We have an abundance of bunnies around here this year. They are so cute. They would be cuter yet if they were not eating the bark off my fav bushes. It's okay, Penny takes care of that, and chases them away. What they get overnight is fine by me, we have more than enough.

That's it from Balonie Central...supper doesn't make itself y'know. It never does.

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