Saturday, May 13, 2006

Well here are the results you have been waiting for

Well, after two aborted attempts at this, thanks to Blogger, I have succumbed to the fact that I will have to post in Word. I never learn, do I?

Okay, thanks for humoring me and I will give you the results of my meme.


Judging by your answers and my super powers, I believe you are an unselfish individual who assumes additional responsibilities when circumstances beyond your control present themselves.

My only concern for you is your penchant for “Elephant Porn”. If I could give you only one suggestion it would be…”get help”.

For some reason I sense that I have known you in a previous life, and you come from a very gifted family. I see your Aunt; whose name shall remain anonymous is very gifted as well. She makes up the most adorable memes.


You have heard the saying “we are judged by the company we keep”, then elephants it is, my friend. I see you truly strive to be both logical and imaginative in your decision making process, but you tend to let the imagination portion get out of hand. This trait, could explain the creative links you extend to your fellow bloggers.


You maintain a slight aura of mystery about you. Your feeling for your friends and family are quite deep and profound. If those you love were put in a tight spot, you’re quite likely to be the first one to offer assistance. Your love of gravel roads, may well be and extension of some of those bumpy roads you have walked on.

I do commend you for not answering (A) watching animals procreate….because that is just nasty!!


You have a big plus going for you, and that is your inclination to be realistic, while yet being generous and compassionate to others. You enjoy challenges and are not easily intimidated.

I also see a dark side to your personality. It is called “Peacock Porn”…it must be kind of hard adjusting your monitor trying to see what’s going on behind them feathers..huh?


My two fav. Chickenshits!

May I point out, I said it was a homemade meme. And as such it would only be obvious that some of my own experiences might have leaked through. HA

Therefore I give each of you a big fat “F”, for not even attempting it.

I would have SO, loved to rate your personalities!!! Phooey!!


That was so funny! I have done the very same thing myself. Now when I approach someone I think looks familiar, I ask for their I.D. first!!

And there you have it folks!!

Disclaimer: Joan had nothing to do with this, it was all my idea. It would have to be, she doesn’t have a clue in the cluescloset most days!!

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