Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just a half assed blog .like usual

Sorry, I've been a lounge lizard lately, and can't seem to get me shit together. Hee..cute pic huh?

It's was snowing about 20 minutes ago!! Yeah..that's what happens in Friendly Manitoba. The media, and various workmates are driving me crazy. Why in heavens name is everyone so crazy. Yes, we had a good April, and we had the warmest winter in record, SHUT UP already about the weather!! It makes me crazy. Don't you have anything else to focus on, like ummm.. my dog, she has to remove her tail from any path that Gordon walks on. It's stressful, and she has to be alert day and night. I'm glad she has something to do. But if I was her, I would step on his tail, then it might not be so amusing to him. I showed her where his was last night, and said "fetch"...but alas there was nothing there. So goes it when one reaches a certain age. Both the dog and I have nothing to do.

But, I don't have much of a problem with that, my hormones went South too. I was glad to see them leave. I waved them goodbye. It's not so bad. Spring now means planting flowers, instead of getting laid. Plant, laid, plant, laid..okay. That damn balonie is here again. Joan will be mad when she sees this.

I have discovered some amusing things about driving my little Explorer as opposed to the big honking van.

1. Gas is affordable--you knew that was coming. ooop's I forgot my it is.

2. No one is scared of me anymore. I'm being treated like normal folk. They cut me off, and ride on my bumper.

3. I hear sounds in my little truck I never heard in the van. Like people honking at me. I was in my little world in the van and thought I was a good driver. Maybe not. Suddenly I feel my coat or armour is gone. I am nakid, on the highway.

Suddenly I feel like rapping again, about being nakid on the highway from hell.

But, fortunately for you, I have suppressed that feeling and gone back to regular programming. I will not subject anyone who reads my blog to my rapper tendencies, it's just not fair. Geez...Sometimes I am such an ass... ah ha... I amuse myself.

Somebody has to.

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