Sunday, April 30, 2006

Howdy all.

Spring is a bloomin''s my Nan King Cherry Tree! It was a volunteer. I let it keep growing by the corner of the fence, and it's really taking off this year.

It's raining, it's pouring, and the ole man in snoring. Just the way I like it. It is so nice and quite, just the pitter patter of the rain. We haven't had any this spring, and this will get the trees and the lawns nice and green.

What I look forward to the most, is when my 1000' poplar tree, which I stategically planted beside my deck looses all those sticky things that encases the buds of the leaves. There is a million of them, and they all get under Penny's feet. It makes her frantic. And if I try to pull them off her fur..really fast..she gets a little mad. I guess it hurts. So, I pull them off gently, (okay, I pretend to, and pull it fast) because there is no way to be gentle with the sap that comes of that tree. It like glue. So, we will have two weeks of frowning, and growling. I discovered "Fantastic" takes the sap off the kitchen floor, when it being dragged in by all of us, but I don't think I should spray Fantastic on her feet! (just kidding).

It will just be two more weeks of pissed of looks, and spitting up the casing when she comes in and cleans off her paws. It doesn't taste good either, it's very bitter, don't ask me how I know.

Okay...Sunday Supper update:

Pork Loin Roast ..Liberally sprinkled with Rosemary and Thyme (because I'm an old hippy)..bullshit...I only started to use it about two years ago, and I love it.
Mashed Pataters
Asparagus (fresh) ..with some lightly browned butter and Parmesan cheese over top.

Hippy Chick is doing well. Her last operation worked. She has her new breast intact and no complications this time. She showed me the ahem (breast) yesterday, she's not shy or anything, and it just look like a bulge the size of her other breast, with a scar from the surgery. Because so far, it does not have a nipple, but that is a story for another day. She went out yesterday and bought some frilly underwear and stuff to show it off. Man, I have my own breasts and never thought about pushing out my cleavage for the world to see. But, she is much more fem than I am. She wears dresses and stuff, and I am more your Tom Boy type. Plus, I don't like calling attention to myself....never ever. !! I prefer to make fun of myself...Probably because if I do it first, it won't hurt so much if someone else does it later. I'm weirdo like that. Or let's just say I'm weirdo...I AM!! HA...

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