Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Red Red Robin keeps bob bob bobbing along

I just came in from the back 40 after throwing the ball, 6789 times to a dog who has just discovered it is spring. She had me tuckered out after the 6th. throw. I sat down at the patio table and just listened to the birds. They are all mating right now, and it's like a bar after closing time. RRR (my red male robin)...was determined to get a mate this evening. He sang his heart out to her. Actually he was yelling, and I thought to myself, perhaps you seem too eager mister, maybe just tone that down a bit. When the screaching didn't work, he decided to show her some of his private parts... he spread his wings, did a little dance, brought out some champagne, but the "bitch" didn't bite. She would not come to his tree. So, he tried to come to her tree. Big mistake, because apparently it was "booty call night"..and she had her choice of all the bobbin robins. She rejected all his fancy dancy advances, and flew away. I felt sorry for him. He went back on this tree, and yelled some really bad swear words at her. I gave him a high five...and told him to come back in the morning, because I will bet there will be a trillion of them there at 5:00 AM.. wanting his feathered ass.

The birds are all fighting out there now for territory as they mate and start building their nests. I really wish they would have a built in radar system, that tells them the difference between my windows and the sky. They are so busy procreating and flying around like ANIMALS..they hit the windows!! And, then I have to pick them up in paper towels and put them in the garbage. that is not my favorite thing to do.

Penny, has a new job. It's her summer job. She has to earn her keep. We have rehearsed it over and over, and she is just wild about it. If she hears a crow, and I say "damn crow" she will butt head into the patio door even if it's not open. Keyword is: Damn crow.


In order to save her from herself and any brain damage, I only say "damn crow" once the door is open. She was getting kind of dizzy, so I thought I better cool it with the keywords!

My little pond, looks ...well.. little and very messy, but the birds are loving it and sitting on top of the phoney lily pads and drinking up the water.

Soon it will be time to clean the winter mess up, the ground is still frozen, but we don't have any snow.

We are having a lot of flooding in our region. We live on a flood plain, and as of today we cannot go South on our major highway to the USA. It is a sea of water. I feel so sorry for all the farmers that have to go through this every couple of years. It's seems to be getting worse. They usually plant after the May long weekend, but I don't think the water will be gone by then. After the flood of 1997 they all build up thier homes, but still the land is under water.

I was driving across a bridge today, and could not believe how high the water was!!! But we have been assured that it will not affect the city. In 1997, we almost had to move out of our house...and that was very scarey. More water is coming from the South USA...and the levels are not as low as predicted to begin with.

This is the scene about 40 miles from here down Highway 75 to the US border.

If the link doesn't work just copy it ...it worked for me.

I still feel like shit, I hope to feel better by this weekend, and if I don't ..I will be forced to eat broccoli....whatever

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