Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm back in business

Ain't she fine? And she's all mine.

There is something seriously wrong with me lately, I can't stop rhyming. I think I have rhyming disease. I mistook it for rapping. Yeah, that's it.

I love my little truck. Maybe it's an SUV whatever. But to me she's just a sweet little truck. The best part is, I can see through my rear view mirror and prevent accidents from happening, by hitting the brakes really hard whenever I see an idiot tail gating me. With the big horking van, the back windows were partially covered up with curtains and a FOR SALE sign that was impeding my vision. It's almost like I removed a huge piece of armour and I now feel light as a feather. I feel like rhyming again. Stop me. The for love of god, I can't take it anymore.

I sort of miss the big brute. We RV'd every day. It was such a relaxing vacation to go from our house to work each day. She was a gentle giant, no bump in the road would bottom her out. She was a hefty gal to boot. She still is, Gord is driving her again..and I'm almost jealous. Good thing we didn't have kid's. I have already given both of the trucks a gender (female), but I have not resorted to giving them human names. (yet).

Last week was a stressful time, so much to do, so little time. I is down right pooped rite out. But, the good news is we don't have to rake the back 40 this spring. We have a crew that will come here and do it. YESSSSS.. they will clean it all up!! Now, where is my cleaning lady? Plus we got a different lawnmower and I won't be having to run after it like I did the other one. This one is tame. We put the crazy bitch down. It started on the first crack this spring. Gord was ecstatic. But once he started to mow the front lawn, it got "addled"...which is not a good thing. All it's parts started to jumble together, and made the most annoying sound. Something like a "chopper" when it goes down in the red sea. Yeah, that kinda sound.

I finished off the taxes yesterday. Dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. Off the the accountant tomorrow, and wait for the bad news.

I am so glad all this is over, and I can get back to normal. Whatever the hell that is.

I got into a cleaning frenzy on Saturday and cleaned out all my kitchen cupboards. You would not believe the crud I found. I thought I was neatnik. Not so. How did shriveled up peas get in my utensil drawer? I carried out 4 bags of garbage!! I kids you not! Stuff that has been languishing in the hidden corners of my cupboards. I remember some of the sales when I bought the crap, and thought they would be useful, then later changed my mind and never ate it. The worst was my "under the sink" cupboard. You know the one where you store all your cleaning supplies etc. It was a frickin mine field. I am so surprised that I have not blown up the house. Leaky bottles of lamp oil... Turpentine...sitting right beside the hot water plumbing. 5467 cans of mosquito spray, 678 cans of Raid, 56 cans of leather guard sprays..(we don't even own any leather)..old SOS pads, fortheloveofmike, they were gross. I chucked it all. Then, it was time to clean out the empty cupboards, and I may have put to much cleaner in them, because by the time I got back up for air, I was high as a kite by then ..rocket man! See, either I am singing or rhyming.

I gotta hit the hay...balonie is a basket case.

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