Monday, April 17, 2006

Got it done

Now, let's see who wins.

Me, or Revenue Canada.

Do we even have to ask?

It goes to the accountant later this week, because I still need to tweak a few figures.

tweak, tweak...can you hear that? Was that an expense..or...was that a perceived expense...or are just right out lying? My conscience and I are fighting the good fight.

I really need to up to Arkansas, and have a meal with Ms. Brenda and her clan. She could teach me the tax accounting ways I need, and feed me a good ole meal.

I am finally starting to get hungry after this crap I have been going through, and her description of their Easter supper, just about made me salivate all over my computer.. I never thought about that before, but if you aren't hungry, the meals you make are very non descriptive. I need to have a hunger to make a meal. Other than that, it's mundane. Throw a hot dog on the fire.

I remember after my dad died, my mom couldn't get hungry for months upon months, because she didn't have a partner to eat with. She lost so much weight. The day to day pattern had changed, and her role of the "supper maker"..Was not longer the same, so she had to make a meal only a meal for herself. She hated it.

A lot of stuff affects our appetites, if I am blue, I cannot eat, and others will eat twice a much to compensate for their feelings.

I'ts funny about food and you mental well being.

But, I'm back in the go and do a shrimp stir fry......and I am famished.

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