Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Nothing important...

If you click on this link, you can make this cat do stuff with your cursor. It sort of looks like Bilbo, except for the white paws. Go and play.. my post is boring anyway.

Well, I’m starting to get my head back together. For whatever that is worth. I had to leave work yesterday at lunch because I was making everyone sick and tired of me hacking. I was coughing and coughing I just couldn’t quit. And once I got home, not a cough did I have. I think it was my bodies way of telling me, to fake it…so you can get the afternoon off. I really didn’t want the afternoon off, ..the morning maybe…. So I could sleep in…but the afternoon ..sheesh..once you are there you might as well stick it out until the end. But, at the bosses insistence I went home.

Once at home, I didn’t really know what to do. I didn’t feel poorly enough to hit the sack, so I made myself some lunch, and started to look around the house for something to do. That was easy, because since last Wednesday I haven’t done squat.

On the Tuesday before I got sick I had bought new drapes for the living room and side panels for the entry way. They were still sitting in the bag beside the sofa. I had pulled out one pair and checked them out, and laid it aside. And that is where is was left until yesterday, because I had run out of jam.

So, with a renewed spurt of energy, I tackled the job of putting up the drapes. It was very easy because all the hardware was up, so all I had to do was put them up. They are so beautiful. They are Ultra Suede, in a rich cocoa colour. And best of all they are lined. I have never had lined drapes before. It's kinda dark in here....anyway.

Then, I decided to re-arrange my living room, and cut down my huge dieffenbachia plant that is about 20 feet tall that has reached the top of the catherdral ceiling at least 3 times since we have lived here. It was starting to bow down already, it was that high! I can’t kill that sucker. I wish I could. Gord got it from a customer of his about 20 years ago. She was the mother of Randy Bachman, from the “Guess Who”..So, he was impressed. And he won’t let it go!! So, I am stuck with a plant I don’t really like, just because it belonged to an aging Rock Star’s mother. You see what I have to go through? Huh?

But, on the other hand I wasn’t too careful about transplanting it as I usually am. It might just have an unfortunate demise. Yesterday I threw out about 15 feet of trunk, along with some leaves, that for some reason are doing very well on the deck where I put it in a large box.. to die. I hate that.

It’s cold out there, I don’t get it. The remants of the plant is out on the deck, and it should have froze. I have a feeling, that if I leave it sitting out there any longer, it will start tapping on my patio doors, and want to get back in. It will be Randy Bachman’s mother’s ghost…haunting me. I kept about 3 feet of the plant, but when the other 18 feet starts snaking in my house….there might be trouble. With a capitol "T". Nothing goes as planned in Chez Martin. Nothing.

My living room looks like a huge ugly vault now that the plant is gone, I took all the pictures off the walls...all that is left is my ugly sofa and love seat.. and btw...that love seat never seen any.
But the drapes are fabulous...... so I have my work cut out for me. I do this all the time, empty it out and drag stuff back in from other rooms... to make it look new again. It's a good thing I don't throw too much away...or it could cut my springtime creative outbursts to a halt. tomorrow I'm going to do some shopping at the MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) store. They have the best crafts and wall hangings (which are my fav's) from other countries, for a nominal price.

Gotta go, I hear scratching noices coming from my patio window!!!!!...and I think it's Burton Cummings...Randy's hit man.

If your not a Canuck or from Winnipeg and younger than 40...this will make no sense to you at all...sooo ...nevermind! I give this blog a big fat zzzzzzzzero. Okay, even if you feel like text messaging me, and saying ..balonie..this is the best blog ever...don't waste your money. Trust me, it's the pits.

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