Thursday, April 27, 2006

One thing I like about myself

I am consistent.

I know the difference between "their" and "there", but do you think I type it right?..NO would be the answer. I let these ole fingers flop around before my brain engages.

I don't even have a rant tonight. All is quite on the Western Front. The wagons are covered, and the womenfolk are making supper, and shushing the "chilren" whilst making a supper on the fire. John Wayne is sitting and smoking a peace pipe with the Indians. How much better can it get. But, then Gord hasn't got home yet. So, that could all change in a heartbeat. he he.

Good news is, I got the numbers from our tax accountant and it will be doable. Thankyoulord!! It still will be a little tough going, but not as bad as I thought.

In celebration, I am making tacos for supper tonight. Notice, when I have nothing but rubbish to report, I start with the food.

DO NOT BUY THE SAFEWAY TACO KIT. The tacos are good, the seasoning was good, but, fortheloveofallthatisspanish, do not use the little packet of Salsa that comes with it. It looks and tastes like dog poo. I love salsa, and my fav is "Pace" Chunky Salsa.

I usually buy the El Paso kit, and it's pretty good. But,this kit was a buck cheaper. I will have to remind myself in the future to buy better products.

Gord just got home, and reconfigured the answering machine, yay for him. At least he didn't drop it on the floor again like the kitchen phone. And the TV isn't blaring. It's so nice and quite. I am really fond of quite in the evening.

So, without much else to say, I will get back into the wagon with John and the chilrens, and go to bed...before the Indian's start circling the wagon train once more.

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