Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Norton and I have come to blows

But I will not blow Norton, I still have my self respect. But, if I can't get my new virus protection subscription to work by tomorrow, it may be time for a change of attitude. Because they got my credit card number and all my balls err money. Everything was working fine, until I hit the "download button"...oops arsehole, now that we have your credit card number, we do not care to download, the sign read. And perhaps you have your setting too high for us to infiltrate you system with our propaganda??? Fill in this form:

> What is you family age bracket: (1-10) (10-20) 20-30)(40-50) (60-70).. and if it's over that you have a virus don't bother us.

> We see you chose (60-70) ... bad choice. Because at your advanced age, you must have clicked on some other area of our advanced features instead of "download." "Smucks"

> What is your family income: This will give us a good idea on how much to rip you off. If you are over 60, and making ...let's just say 60,000 grand a year we will activate your account. If not, try to get a Norton Representative to help you ..ha. ha.

Well, this shit-show started last night when I tried to enter the Norton Kingdom. Why, oh why am I so stupid? Don't answer that. I could have just as easy stopped in at Staples and bought the software, instead of trying to download it from those MF'n assholes. I was trying to be cool, and tell my friends, OH, I just download my stuff from the internet and never have any problems...because I KNOW EVERYTHING. Apprantely, I know shit all. I'm tempted to turn on my web cam, and send them some pretty ugly pictures of me burning their product. I would, except I don't have the was a download....ohhhhhhhhhhhh lordiwouldloveavirustosendthem, and put them on their knees. But they are very gracious and have sent me many emails telling me how gratefull they are for my order.

Somewhere, somehow, I will get to the avitar who runs the show, and give him/her my activation code..maybe not tonight, but if I get a virus, well, I guess I'm screwed.

I'm tough ey?

Hell's bells...I have time off again! But, only to do Gord's bookwork,which fell by the wayside when I had the flu..I say HAD..but it's still lingering on and on.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and I have taken off Monday as well to complete the tax mans needy ways.

I can't shake the fricking cold. I feel good in the morning, and by night, my voice is like gravel, and I feel so tired. I stopped taking all the over the counter med's because I started to think they were just holding the virus, and I just want it out of me already.

ACKKKK...a huge bird just flew in my living room window.. It banged really hard, I can't go out to look. I have to put something up to discourage them, but they are all so wound up with mating, they don't seem to care. Most times when they hit they are a bit stunned and move on, but I think this one bit the dust.

Poor little guy) fly 10,000 miles to migrate and you hit your head on a window..jeez. Or...get killed my the neighbours cat.. who now has been missing for sometime...hey don't look at me, I didn't have nothing to do with it. I warned my next door neighbour so many times for letting her cat out to roam. It just isn't done in the city anymore, and I don't think she "got it"...until it didn't come home one night. Some people have to be hit over the head to get shit. Bet you ten bucks she gets another cat and does it again...some people don't get it.

Okay, then...I will be off to do the taxes this long weekend and put a bit of a spin on our expenses for government over the holy holidays. May the good lord guide me find as many expenses as I can, so we don't go broke. I believe in miracles...


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