Thursday, April 20, 2006

I bought a rug...rap with me again..I mean it.

I bought a new rug
To cover the floor
To hide the crap
Whilst cleaning the oven door.

The rug was too short
And did not cover the mess
And now I'm unhappy
But I digress.

I found a new place
For the rug to dwell
It's in the living room
And it looks like hell.

I will be placing it
From room to room
Until I find the sweet spot
For it to bloom

I have covered the stains
With some staining paint
And it doesn't look too bad
But, perfect it ain't

Easy Off is Caustic
And it's not a myth
And if you go be spraying it around
It's nothing to be fucked with.

And, that boys and girls is my message to you. Just say NO, to oven cleaner, if you are ever approached by a drug dealer. Save your nasal passages for "crack" takes less time to wipe them out.

I can't stress enough, how I like to inform the young people in our country of the dangers that lay ahead. Even now, that I am in my "golden" years I can still be effective for the younger generation. Education is the key. Don't ya think?

Okay, I'll get serious..

Okay...maybe not.

I'll post the pic's of the new rugs tomorrow, I actually like them, they are very 1980's colours, and that's why I like em. Brown, orange, rust, and beige..
I'm thinking of hanging one of them on the wall. I have always loved wall hangings instead of pictures.

Gord just got home, and I can see a bad moon arisin'.... Actually, if I'm might be a good thing...I might be driving the Explorer by this weekend...Providing we can afford the gas.

Will let you know!!

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